11 Ways People Waste Money Thinking It’s A Good Deal


Sometimes, things that seem like a good deal really aren’t. In fact, you might be surprised at how often this happens, and many of us spend money on these items by mistake.

This is about some of the silliest things people often buy, thinking they’re getting a good deal, but not.

Brand New Cars

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The allure of a brand-new car is undeniable, but it’s often not a financially smart buy. New cars depreciate rapidly, losing around 20-30% of their value in the first year alone. Opting for a slightly used or certified pre-owned vehicle can save you substantial money while still providing a reliable ride. You’ll avoid the steep initial depreciation and may benefit from a manufacturer’s warranty and lower insurance costs.

Extended Warranties


Extended warranties are often marketed as smart investments to protect your purchases, such as electronics, appliances, or vehicles, beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. While they may seem like a safeguard against unexpected breakdowns, they often aren’t as wise a choice as they appear. Many consumer protection experts argue that these warranties are rarely worth the cost. Most products are designed to work reliably within their initial warranty period, and repair costs tend to be lower than the price of extended warranties. Instead, consider setting aside the money you would spend on a warranty if you need repairs.

Designer Clothing


Designer clothing is a status symbol for many but rarely offers value for money. You often pay for the brand name rather than superior quality or craftsmanship. High-quality, non-designer clothing can be just as stylish and durable at a fraction of the cost. Instead of focusing on labels, invest in timeless, versatile pieces that will serve your wardrobe for years.

Expensive Gym Memberships

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While investing in your health and fitness is essential, expensive gym memberships aren’t always the smartest way to do it. Many people sign up for pricey gym facilities with all the bells and whistles but rarely use them. Consider your fitness habits and goals. Sometimes, a basic gym or even home workouts can be just as effective without breaking the bank.

Premium Cable and Satellite TV Packages


Cable and satellite TV providers often tempt customers with premium packages that include hundreds of channels. However, many of these channels go unwatched, and these packages come with a hefty monthly price tag. Streaming services offer more flexibility and often have a lower overall cost. Evaluate your viewing habits and consider switching to streaming platforms to save money without sacrificing entertainment.

High-Interest Savings Accounts

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While savings accounts are generally an intelligent way to store your money, high-interest savings accounts may not always be the best choice. The difference in interest rates between regular and high-interest savings accounts can be minimal, especially compared to other investment options like stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. If you’re looking for better returns on your savings, explore other investment opportunities.

Overpriced Phone Plans


Many people fall into the trap of selecting overly expensive phone plans that include features and data they don’t need. Carriers offer a variety of plans, so it’s essential to assess your actual usage and choose a plan that fits your needs. Consider switching to a more cost-effective plan or exploring prepaid options to save money on your monthly phone bill.


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Timeshares are often marketed as a cost-effective way to enjoy luxurious vacations, but they can become more of a burden than a smart buy. The initial investment, maintenance fees, and restrictions on booking can make timeshares an expensive choice. Plus, they can be challenging to sell or get out of if you no longer want them. Instead of committing to a timeshare, explore alternative vacation options like renting vacation homes or using online travel platforms.

Expensive College Degrees with Low Earning Potential


Investing in education is generally a smart move, but not all college degrees offer a strong return on investment. Some expensive degrees, especially in niche fields with limited job prospects, may leave you with substantial student loan debt and little earning potential. Research career opportunities and earning potential before pursuing a degree and consider more affordable education options or scholarships.

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Trendy Electronics and Gadgets


The latest gadgets and electronics often come with hefty price tags, but their value can diminish quickly as newer models are released. Instead of constantly chasing the latest trends, consider your actual needs and whether an older or less expensive model can adequately fulfill them. Sometimes, older versions offer similar features at a fraction of the cost.

Brand-New Appliances


Like cars, brand-new appliances can be tempting, but they may not be the smartest choice. New appliances can be significantly more expensive than slightly used or refurbished models. Many pre-owned appliances come with warranties and are thoroughly inspected, ensuring they function correctly. Save money by considering these alternatives and prioritize functionality over appearance regarding appliances.