12 Signs You Have A Friend Who Is Secretly A Millionaire


Chances are you have a friend who’s a secret millionaire, and you don’t even know it.

You don’t know it because millionaires don’t always act the way you think they do. They don’t all drive expensive import cars, live in big homes, and wear expensive jewelry. Instead, millionaires are typically frugal people, and often, you would have no idea they are rich.

Here are 12 things your millionaire friend is hiding from you:

They didn’t get an inheritance

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Despite what people think, most millionaires don’t inherit their millions. Your friend is a millionaire because they provide value in exchange for money. That’s it.

They get up before you

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Many millionaires are ultra-focused in the morning. They take care of business before everyone else gets up and starts muddling their way through the day. Most millionaires don’t get up at the crack of noon.

They don’t care who got voted off the island

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They don’t watch reality TV, including the 24-hour news cycle. They spend their time being productive:

  • fixing
  • working
  • learning
  • improving
  • exercising

They live in YOUR neighborhood

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Most millionaires don’t live glamorous lives in million-dollar homes. They live in regular neighborhoods, just like you. They shop at regular stores and eat regular food.

They have a one-year rainy-day fund


Your friend has enough cash reserves to last an entire year without having to earn another dime of income. Their financial security is more important than a BMW.

They work out every single day


2/3rds of millionaires exercise for at least 30 minutes every single day. Exercise not only improves overall health, but it releases glucose, fuel for the brain. We get more creative. Become better problem-solvers.

They don’t need your money advice

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Whether you think they’re cheap, frugal, filthy rich, or poor, they don’t care. They truly don’t care about your opinion of their spending practices. After all, THEY are the millionaires.

They get at least 7 hours of sleep every night

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Close to 90% of millionaires get seven or more hours of sleep every night, even on weekends. Your friend’s consistent and healthy sleep schedule helps them make money and provide for their family.

They read at least an hour a day

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88% of millionaires read AT LEAST 30 minutes a day. Your friend loves reading autobiographies of other successful people while you are flipping through the latest edition of People Magazine.

They sold that pricey Mercedes years ago

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You still drive your import car. Your millionaire friend sold theirs and now drives an easy-to-maintain, reliable sedan. Pays $30 for an oil change.

They have one-year, five-year, and 10-year plans


Millionaires don’t “wing it.” They have a clear plan for their near—and long-term future. In one year, she wants her Master’s degree. In five years, she wants to be the Director. In ten years, she wants to be retired.

They invest before they spend


Your millionaire friend pays himself first, fully funds his investments, pads his savings, and then has some fun with the rest.

For your information, only 33% of millionaires have earned more than $100,000 annually, according to a study by Ramsey Solutions.