12 Waterfront Cities Where You Can Buy A House For Less Than $500,000


Ever thought about waking up to the sound of waves every day? You might think living by the ocean is super expensive, but guess what? There are still some places along the U.S. coast where you can afford it.

Whether you’re planning for a chill retirement spot, a vacation pad, or just want a new view, these 12 seaside cities can help you live the coastal life without burning a hole in your wallet.

1. Jacksonville, North Carolina


Along the Atlantic Coast, Jacksonville has miles of pristine beaches and a charming coastal atmosphere. With a median home price of under $200,000, this city offers affordability without compromising on the coastal lifestyle.

Whether you prefer to spend your days lounging on the sandy shores of Topsail Beach or exploring the nearby Croatan National Forest, Jacksonville provides an idyllic setting for oceanfront living at a fraction of the cost compared to neighboring beach towns.

2. Gulfport, Mississippi

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Located on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, Gulfport is renowned for its laid-back vibe, stunning sunsets, and affordable real estate options. With a median home price well below $200,000, this waterfront city offers the perfect blend of Southern charm and coastal living.

Residents can enjoy a wide array of recreational activities, including boating, fishing, and waterfront dining, all while basking in the region’s warm climate and hospitality.

3. Port Isabel, Texas


Situated along the shores of the Laguna Madre Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, Port Isabel offers a quaint, coastal charm that attracts homebuyers seeking affordable waterfront properties. With median home prices hovering around $250,000, this picturesque town offers easy access to both the beach and the bay, making it a haven for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Feast your eyes on casting a line off the pier, kayaking through the scenic waterways, or simply enjoying fresh seafood by the shore. Port Isabel offers a laid-back coastal lifestyle at an affordable price point.

4. Rockport, Texas


Known for its serene coastal landscapes and friendly community atmosphere, Rockport is a hidden gem along the Texas Gulf Coast. With median home prices below $300,000, this charming waterfront town provides an affordable escape for those seeking seaside tranquility.

Residents can explore the town’s art galleries, dine on freshly caught seafood, or simply relax on the sandy shores of Rockport Beach Park, all while enjoying the coastal breeze and panoramic water views.

5. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi


Nestled along the shores of the Bay of St. Louis, this waterfront community offers a unique blend of historic charm and coastal beauty. With median home prices around $300,000, Bay St. Louis provides an affordable alternative to pricier Gulf Coast destinations. Residents can stroll along the town’s picturesque Main Street, explore the local art scene, or indulge in waterfront dining with stunning views of the bay.

If you’re into soaking up some history or just love chilling by the coast, Bay St. Louis is the place to be for a cozy oceanfront vibe.

6. Biloxi, Mississippi

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Renowned for its vibrant casino scene and beautiful beaches, Biloxi is a popular destination for both tourists and homebuyers alike. With median home prices under $200,000, this Gulf Coast city offers affordable oceanfront living with easy access to entertainment and amenities.

If you’re up for some casino fun, chilling on Biloxi Beach, or munching on tasty seafood by the water, Biloxi’s got you covered with a vibrant coastal vibe that won’t break the bank like those other fancy beach spots.

7. Seaside, Oregon


Tucked away along the rugged coastline of the Pacific Northwest, Seaside offers a picturesque setting for those seeking affordable oceanfront living. With median home prices below $400,000, this charming seaside town provides a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Residents can stroll along the iconic Promenade, explore tide pools at low tide, or simply relax and enjoy panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean from their own backyard.

If you like beautiful nature or charming small towns, Seaside gives you a special coastal adventure that won’t cost you a fortune.

8. Coos Bay, Oregon

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Located along the stunning Southern Oregon Coast, Coos Bay is a hidden gem for homebuyers seeking affordable waterfront properties. With median home prices around $250,000, this coastal city offers a laid-back lifestyle surrounded by natural beauty. Residents can explore nearby beaches, hike through scenic state parks, or enjoy fresh seafood at local eateries overlooking the bay.

Are you an outdoor enthusiast or simply love peaceful retreat sby the water, Coos Bay provides an affordable coastal haven with plenty of recreational opportunities.

9. Lincoln City, Oregon


Perched along the central Oregon Coast, Lincoln City is known for its stunning ocean views, outdoor recreational opportunities, and affordable real estate options. With median home prices under $400,000, this coastal town offers the perfect blend of affordability and coastal charm. Residents can explore miles of sandy beaches, go whale watching from the shore, or try their hand at clamming and crabbing along the coastline.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Lincoln City provides a welcoming community and a picturesque backdrop for oceanfront living.

10. Ocean Shores, Washington


Nestled along the picturesque coast of the Pacific Northwest, Ocean Shores offers affordable oceanfront living surrounded by natural beauty. With median home prices below $300,000, this coastal community provides a tranquil retreat from city life without sacrificing amenities and conveniences. Residents can enjoy beachcombing along miles of sandy shores, birdwatching in nearby wildlife refuges, or simply savoring breathtaking sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.

If you’re looking for a place to settle down for good or just escape for a holiday, Ocean Shores gives you that chilled-out beach life without breaking the bank.

11. Long Beach, Washington

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Situated along the scenic Long Beach Peninsula, Long Beach is a charming coastal town known for its expansive sandy beaches and affordable real estate options. With median home prices under $300,000, this waterfront community offers a peaceful retreat for those seeking oceanfront living. Residents can stroll along the boardwalk, fly kites on the beach, or explore nearby state parks and nature reserves.

Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventure or simply craving a quiet escape by the sea, Long Beach provides the perfect setting for coastal living at a reasonable cost.

12. Crescent City, California


Perched along the rugged Northern California coastline, Crescent City offers a serene escape for homebuyers seeking affordable oceanfront properties. With median home prices below $400,000, this coastal town provides a laid-back atmosphere and stunning natural scenery. Residents can explore nearby Redwood National and State Parks, take in panoramic ocean views from Battery Point Lighthouse, or simply relax and enjoy the sound of crashing waves from their own backyard.

Whether you love nature or prefer small-town vibes, Crescent City’s got you covered with a cheap beach life where you can enjoy tons of outdoor fun and chill time.