14 Obvious Signs You’re About To Be Demoted


Nobody likes being demoted (of course). Believe it or not, there are typically very obvious signs that you’re about to be if you know what to look for.

Let’s look at 14 signs that your employer is preparing to demote you.

You’ve Achieved “Inbox Zero” Without Trying

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The digital version of tumbleweeds rolling through your email inbox is a red flag. If your boss isn’t sending you as many emails as usual, or they’re mysteriously ghosting you, it’s time to start writing your own messages in the sand.

You’re a Regular on the Office Gossip Channel

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When your colleagues suddenly start huddling around the water cooler with hushed tones and knowing glances, it might be time to reassess your position. If your name is trending on the office gossip channel, you might be headed for choppy waters.

The Grapevine Becomes Your Source of Information


If you find yourself relying more on rumors and grapevine gossip for company news rather than official channels, it’s a sign that you’re on the outskirts of the information loop.

Your Meetings are Mysteriously Canceled


You might think this is a good thing at first, but it’s really not. When your calendar starts looking emptier than your refrigerator during a diet, it clearly indicates something’s up. Meetings being canceled or postponed without much explanation could be a sign that your presence isn’t as valued as it once was.

Your Responsibilities Mysteriously Vanish

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Did your workload recently go from “crazy busy” to “crickets chirping”? If your tasks have evaporated into thin air, it might be time to question your job security.

You Keep Getting Passed Over For Promotions

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If promotions and opportunities seem to be flying past your desk faster than you can say “career advancement,” it’s time to stop and wonder if you’ve accidentally stepped into the Bermuda Triangle of your company’s hierarchy.

Your Boss Starts to Avoid Eye Contact


When your boss suddenly becomes a master of the art of avoiding eye contact, it’s time to take notice. They might not want to deliver the bad news in person, which could mean your career is in turbulent waters.

The Company’s Training Budget Suddenly Doesn’t Include You

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If you notice that the company’s training and development budget has been allocated to everyone except you, it’s like being left off the guest list for the corporate party of the year.

You’re Excluded From Key Decision-Making

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When your input is no longer sought for important decisions or projects, you might as well be a decorative plant in the office. Remember, you’re on the menu if you’re not at the table.

Your Performance Reviews Tail Spin

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If your glowing performance reviews start to resemble a drafty ice castle in the tundra, you might want to bundle up. A frosty reception often precedes a chilly demotion.

The New Guy Gets Your Desk

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It’s not a welcoming sight when you return from a coffee break to find a fresh face occupying your workspace. New blood can sometimes mean old blood is being pushed out.

Your Team Members are Acting Strangely

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When your teammates start treating you like you’re infected with a contagious disease, it’s a sign that something is amiss. They might be keeping their distance to avoid the impending storm.

Your Boss Asks About Your Backup Plan

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If your supervisor casually inquires about your “backup plan” or “other career options” during a conversation, it’s akin to them handing you an umbrella when there isn’t a cloud in sight.

You Suddenly Have a New Title, and It’s Not an Upgrade

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If you receive an email with a subject line like “Title Change” and your heart sinks when you open it, you’re probably not in for a promotion party. An unexpected title change is often the final nail in the demotion coffin, especially if it’s a step-down.