15 Easy Lifestyle Hacks to Look Like a Millionaire on a Budget


Have you ever dreamed of living the high life without breaking the bank? It’s possible. You just need to know the techniques to make it happen.

Let’s discuss 15 simple lifestyle hacks that will make you feel like a millionaire while sticking to a budget. From savvy shopping tricks to easy self-care routines, these budget-friendly hacks are your ticket to a luxurious lifestyle without the hefty price tag.

Use The Library


The library is an excellent resource for free books, computers with Internet access, movies, and, depending on the library, museum passes.

Pick Up Rich People’s Used Stuff


Rich people throw out some nice things. Take a trailer through upscale neighborhoods on garbage day, and you might snag some perfectly good items for free. Also, look for garage sales to snag quality items for a fraction of the price.

Don’t Have Kids


It may be controversial, but kids are expensive. From the day your baby is born until their 18th birthday, the average parent will spend over $300,000 per child. Rug rats are pricey!

Use Hot Sauce


A great hack to make almost any food taste better is by using hot sauce. I also like buffalo sauce, which tastes great and is very low in calories.

Buy an Electric Blanket


Invest in a good electric blanket to help save on your heating bill in the winter. You’ll be toasty warm in bed all night without using your home’s heating system, which is much more expensive.

Sign Up At Planet Fitness

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One of the best gym deals around is Planet Fitness. For about $20/month, two people have nationwide access to Planet Fitness facilities, can use their showers, and even grab a bagel or slice of pizza, depending on the location.

Pick Up Rotisserie Chickens


Many grocery stores like Safeway, Frys, and Walmart, have pre-cooked rotisserie chickens ready to go. Need a cheap dinner for four? Snag a chicken and a cheap side, and boom! You have dinner.

Donate Blood and/or Plasma


Blood or Plasma donations can be an easy way to help your community and make a little money on the side. Consistent donations can net around $300 a month at some locations.

Drink Water with Flavoring

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Instead of buying sodas and other flavored drinks, just drink water. If you need a little flavoring, try those small flavor squeeze bottles for a quick and cheap shot of citrus. Or, add fruits and veggies into your water for a bright, fresh natural flavor.

Buy Store-Brand

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An easy way to save money at the grocery store is to buy generic “store brand” versions of foods instead of name-brand. You might be surprised at how many store-brand products are made in the exact same facilities as those pricier name-brand products.

Shop at Goodwill


There’s a reason why Goodwill stores exist. I’ve personally donated enough at Goodwill to fill out an entire store. Goodwill and Salvation Army are two great places to shop on the cheap.

Meal Prep Once A Week


An advanced technique is to pre-make all weekly meals so they are ready to go. This means you’ll never “run out of time” after work and pick up expensive fast food to save cooking time.

Learn To Cook


Cooking at home is the best way to save money on food, period. You don’t need to spend an hour cooking dinner. Check out these delicious 15-minute meal recipes.

Be Frugal, but Not Cheap


Being cheap costs you more in the long run because cheap products are inferior and break. Instead, be frugal. Spend a little more to get higher-quality things. Maintain them so they last longer. You’ll save money in the long run.

Say No

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If something will put a financial strain on you (such as an invitation to a restaurant or bar), it’s okay to say no. Tell your friend it’s not in the budget and you might catch them next time.