15 Signs That You’re About To Lose Your Job


Getting canned at work is a stressful thing, but if it’s about to happen, there are usually signs if you know where to look.

By paying attention to these clues, you can be better prepared by proactively looking for another job before the inevitable happens. Don’t worry; we’ll explain each clue in plain language so you can easily understand and take action if needed.

So, keep reading to learn how to protect your job and peace of mind.

1. You’re Being Isolated

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If you notice that you’re being excluded from meetings, projects, or communication channels that you were previously a part of, it could be a sign that your colleagues or superiors are distancing themselves from you. This isolation can be a red flag that your position within the organization is in jeopardy.

2. More Micromanagement


One of the earliest signs of trouble at work is when your supervisor or manager starts to micromanage your tasks excessively. While occasional supervision is normal, a sudden and unwarranted increase in scrutiny may indicate a lack of trust in your abilities or concerns about your performance.

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3. Reduced Responsibilities

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A sudden shift in your workload, where you’re handed fewer critical tasks or responsibilities, can clearly indicate that your employer is gradually phasing you out. This reduction in responsibilities may indicate that your skills are no longer valued as they once were.

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4. Frequent Negative Feedback


While constructive criticism is a part of professional growth, consistent negative feedback from your superiors, even when you’ve put in your best effort to improve, might suggest that your employer is building a case against you. Frequent criticism can be a precursor to termination.

5. Decline in Performance Reviews


If your performance reviews have historically been positive or satisfactory but have recently taken a nosedive, it indicates that your employer may be documenting reasons to terminate your employment. Regularly declining performance evaluations are a common precursor to job termination.

6. Lack of Recognition

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A lack of acknowledgment or recognition for your contributions, especially when your colleagues are praised for similar work, can indicate that your employer intentionally undermines your position within the organization. This could be a tactic to make your firing more justifiable.

7. Increased Scrutiny of Your Work


Suppose your work is suddenly being scrutinized more closely than usual, such as having your reports reviewed more frequently or your tasks double-checked by colleagues or superiors. In that case, it may signify a lack of trust in your performance and competence.

8. No New Assignments or Projects

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A noticeable drop in new assignments or projects can indicate that your employer is minimizing your role within the company. They may be reluctant to invest in additional work for someone they plan to let go.

9. Disconnection from Company Culture


Suppose you were once actively involved in company events, meetings, or social gatherings but are increasingly disconnected from the company culture. In that case, it might be a sign that your employer is preparing to part ways with you. They may be distancing themselves from you socially to ease the transition.

10. Increased Conflict


A sudden uptick in workplace conflicts, especially with your superiors or colleagues, can indicate that your employer is trying to create a record of behavioral issues to justify your termination. Be mindful of how you handle disagreements to avoid falling into this trap.

11. New Hires with Similar Skills


The hiring of new employees with skills or qualifications similar to yours might suggest that your employer is planning to replace you. It’s essential to pay attention to the dynamics and motives behind such hiring decisions.

12. Reorganization or Restructuring


When a company undergoes significant reorganization or restructuring, it often leads to layoffs. If your department is undergoing changes or downsizing, you should be prepared for the possibility of your job being eliminated.

13. Lack of Job Security Communication


Suppose your employer fails to provide reassurance or clear communication about job security during challenging times or financial difficulties within the company. In that case, it can be a signal that they are not committed to retaining all employees.

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14. Reduced Access to Resources


A noticeable reduction in access to essential resources, like office equipment, software tools, or training opportunities, may indicate that your employer is gradually disinvesting in your role.

15. Overwhelming Signs of Financial Strain


Suppose your company is experiencing financial difficulties, and you notice signs such as delayed paychecks, layoffs in other departments, or a freeze on s