16 Genius Money-Making Moves To Make Your Career Take Off in A Year


2024 could be your most lucrative year yet.

Let’s discuss 16 telltale signs that your salary is gearing up for a significant boost. These indicators are like secret messages from your paycheck, from unexpected job perks to subtle workplace vibes.

In case you’re wondering, yes, anyone can make these changes. It doesn’t require money or even a high IQ. These changes require determination, that’s it.

Do you have what it takes?

Consistent High Performance

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One of the most fundamental signs of an impending promotion is consistently high performance. If you consistently exceed expectations, meet or exceed your targets, and receive positive feedback from your superiors and colleagues, it’s a strong indicator that you’re in line for a promotion.

Increasing Responsibility

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As you approach a promotion, you’ll likely find that your responsibilities are expanding. You may be asked to take on additional projects, lead teams, or manage important clients. This increased responsibility often indicates that your superiors trust your abilities and are preparing you for a more significant role.

Recognition and Praise

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Regular recognition and praise from your managers and colleagues can signal that a promotion is in your future. When your hard work and contributions are acknowledged, it’s a sign that you’re seen as a valuable asset to the organization.

Involvement in High-Impact Projects


Being entrusted with high-impact projects that directly influence the company’s success strongly indicates your potential promotion. These projects are often reserved for individuals crucial to the organization’s growth.

Support and Mentorship

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If you have a mentor or a manager who is actively invested in your professional growth and development, it’s a positive sign. These individuals often play a pivotal role in advocating for your promotion and guiding you to help you excel in your current role.

Positive Feedback During Performance Reviews

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Performance reviews are an excellent opportunity to gauge your progress toward a promotion. If your performance reviews consistently highlight your strengths and mention your potential for advancement, it’s a good sign that your superiors are considering you for a promotion.

Clear Communication from Management

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Sometimes, your superiors will communicate their intent directly. If you’ve had conversations with your managers about your future with the company and they’ve mentioned the possibility of a promotion, it’s a strong indication that it’s in the cards.

Increased Visibility


Are you joining more meetings with top-level executives or being invited to strategic planning sessions? Increased visibility within the organization is often a precursor to a promotion, as it shows that you’re being recognized as a critical player.

Cross-Training Opportunities


When your organization invests in cross-training you for different roles or departments, it’s a sign that they see potential in your abilities. This training can prepare you for a more senior position and indicates future growth.

Positive Team Dynamics


It can work in your favor if you’ve fostered positive team dynamics and have a history of collaborating well with colleagues. Organizations value team players who can lead and motivate others, making you a strong candidate for promotion.

Alignment with Company Goals


Your contributions and work should align with the company’s long-term goals. If your efforts align with the organization’s strategic direction, you’ll likely be considered for a promotion that helps further those goals.

Consistent Skill Development


Employers value employees who continually improve their skills and stay up-to-date with industry trends. If you’re actively engaged in skill development and are committed to self-improvement, it can strongly indicate your readiness for a promotion.

Increased Networking Opportunities

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Being given opportunities to network with influential individuals within your industry or organization can be a sign that you’re being groomed for a higher-level role. Building relationships with key stakeholders can be essential for career advancement.

More Autonomy


As you progress towards a promotion, you may notice that you’re granted more autonomy in your work. Your superiors’ trust in your ability to make important decisions and manage responsibilities independently indicates that they believe in your ability to do so.

Long-Term Planning Involvement


If you find yourself increasingly involved in the company’s long-term planning and strategy discussions, it’s a strong signal that you’re a valuable contributor to the organization’s future.

Mentoring Others


Lastly, when you’re asked to mentor or train junior employees or new hires, it’s a sign that your superiors view you as a subject matter expert and a role model within the organization. Mentoring responsibilities can be a precursor to a promotion.