18 Lousy Degrees You Would Be Crazy To Get Right Now


Studies have shown that getting a college degree is still worth it for most career fields. However, that doesn’t mean all degrees will set you up for success.

Making informed decisions about education and career paths is crucial. While some degrees offer promising prospects, others may lead graduates to limited opportunities and financial strain.

Here are 18 degrees that may not be worth pursuing in today’s job market.

Fine Arts


A degree in Fine Arts might be a passion for many, but the reality is that the job market for artists can be fiercely competitive. With technological advancements, traditional art forms face challenges in finding lucrative opportunities. While creativity is invaluable, pairing it with practical skills or business acumen could enhance prospects.

Religious Studies

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While studying religion can be intellectually stimulating, the job market for religious studies graduates is narrow. Unless pursuing a career in academia or religious institutions, graduates may struggle to find relevant employment. Diversifying studies with complementary fields like sociology or anthropology could offer more career versatility.


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Philosophy degrees nurture critical thinking and analytical skills, but translating these skills into a career can be challenging. The job market for philosophy majors outside of academia is limited, with few direct career paths. Pairing philosophy with a practical minor or specializing in applied ethics could broaden employment prospects.

Gender Studies

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Gender studies degrees provide valuable insights into societal issues, but graduates often face limited job opportunities. Unless pursuing careers in advocacy, education, or social services, graduates may find it challenging to secure relevant employment. Supplementing studies with practical skills or specializing in related fields like public policy could improve job prospects.

Theater Arts

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While a degree in Theater Arts can be a passion for aspiring actors and directors, the industry’s competitiveness and instability make it a risky career choice. Many theater professionals face irregular work schedules and financial uncertainty. Diversifying skills with technical theater or pursuing opportunities in film and television could offer more stability.

Art History


Art History degrees offer a deep understanding of cultural heritage and aesthetics, but career options can be limited. Graduates may struggle to find relevant employment unless pursuing careers in museums, galleries, or academia. Pairing art history with museum studies or specializing in a niche area could enhance job prospects.


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Archaeology degrees combine history, anthropology, and fieldwork, but job opportunities are often limited and competitive. Archaeology careers typically require advanced degrees and extensive field experience, with few entry-level positions available. Gaining practical experience through internships or volunteering and considering alternative career paths like cultural resource management could improve prospects.


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While a passion for music is admirable, pursuing a degree solely in music can be risky in today’s job market. The music industry is highly competitive, with few stable career opportunities. Diversifying skills with music production, education, or business courses could provide more versatile career options.

Comparative Literature

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Comparative Literature degrees offer insights into global literary traditions, but career prospects outside academia are limited.

Without pursuing publishing, translation, or international relations careers, graduates may face challenges finding relevant employment. Pairing comparative literature with a practical minor or specializing in a niche area could enhance job prospects.


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Linguistics degrees explore language structure and communication, but career options can be narrow. While opportunities exist in language teaching and speech pathology, competition can be fierce. Gaining proficiency in multiple languages or specializing in computational linguistics could increase job prospects in diverse industries.

Fashion Design

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Fashion design degrees foster creativity and technical skills, but the industry’s competitiveness and fast-paced nature can challenge graduates. Many fashion designers face intense competition and fluctuating demand, making it difficult to establish stable careers. Gaining industry experience through internships and staying updated on trends and technologies could improve prospects.


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Literature degrees provide insights into literary works and critical thinking skills, but career options outside academia can be limited. Unless pursuing careers in publishing, editing, or journalism, graduates may find it challenging to secure relevant employment. Supplementing studies with practical skills or specializing in niche areas like digital publishing could enhance job prospects.

Environmental Studies

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Environmental Studies degrees focus on sustainability and natural resource management, but job opportunities can be competitive. While demand exists in sectors like environmental consulting and advocacy, entry-level positions may be limited. Gaining field experience through internships and staying updated on environmental policies and technologies could improve prospects.


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Photography degrees develop technical skills and artistic vision, but the industry is highly competitive and offers limited job opportunities. Many photographers struggle with irregular income and intense competition. Diversifying skills with digital media or pursuing niche markets like commercial photography could enhance prospects.

Theater Management

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Theater management degrees combine artistic and managerial skills, but job opportunities can be limited outside major theater hubs. While roles exist in theater administration and production management, competition can be fierce. Gaining practical experience through internships and networking within the industry could improve job prospects.

Hospitality Management

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Hospitality management degrees prepare students for careers in the hospitality industry, but job prospects can be unpredictable, especially during economic downturns or global crises. While roles exist in hotels, restaurants, and event planning, competition for management positions can be intense. Gaining experience through internships and developing customer service and leadership skills could enhance prospects.

Graphic Design

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Graphic design degrees cultivate creativity and technical skills, but the field is highly competitive, with rapid technological advancements changing job requirements. Many graphic designers face challenges in finding stable employment, competing with freelancers, and outsourcing. Staying updated on design trends and software technologies and building a strong portfolio could improve job prospects.

Communication Studies

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Communication studies degrees offer insights into human communication and media, but job opportunities can be varied and competitive. While roles exist in public relations, marketing, and corporate communication, graduates may need to demonstrate specialized skills and relevant experience. Gaining internships and developing expertise in emerging communication technologies could enhance prospects.