August 29, 2019
100 Best Star Wars Gifts for the True Fan

These are 100 of the best Star Wars gifts I’ve come across when researching this topic as a fellow Star Wars lover who constantly drops not-so-subtle hints to their friends regarding the gift they want. Included below are links that will send you straight to the website where you can buy the product. Shall we?

100 Best Star Wars Gifts in the Whole Galaxy

1. Death Star Fire Pit

This is honestly one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, so if any of my friends read this, you know what I want for Christmas this year.

2. Lenovo Star Wars Edition

This special edition Lenovo laptop featuring the Rebel Alliance Starbird is quite an impressive piece of hardware, with an incredibly cool exterior as well.

3. Millennium Falcon Table

From the same makers of the Han Solo carbonite desk comes the Millennium Falcon asteroid coffee table, one of their most popular designs.

4. Stormtrooper Helmet

Not your average Stormtrooper helmet, this one is signed by Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill. Clearly, the price point is not average either.

5. Millennium Falcon Drone

A drone shaped like the Millennium Falcon – need I say more? No camera on this bad boy, but you do get a unique toy, complete with Chewy & Han Solo figures.

6. Life Size R2-D2

Why settle for an R2-D2 figurine when you can have the real thing? Well, not the real real thing, but pretty close. You just gotta rob a bank to get it.

7. Star Wars Pinball Machine

A bit (okay, a lot) on the pricier side, this pinball machine is the dream of every Star Wars fan who’s also into vintage arcade games.

8. Han Solo Carbonite Desk

Are you willing to spend 10 grand on a Han Solo carbonite desk? A made-to-order beauty, it will definitely change the look of your office.

9. Star Wars PS4 Pro

I don’t know about you, but I love limited edition consoles. They pack all the features a normal console would, but with a design bonus for Star War fans.

10. Star Wars Turntable

I’ve had my eye on this turntable for a while now, and I’ll probably order it soon, but if you get it before I do, please share your thoughts on it ASAP!

11. Stormtrooper Costume

Speaking of life-size Star Wars favorites, this is a full-on Stormtrooper costume for those of you who want to go the extra mile this upcoming Halloween season.

12. The Star Wars Archives

The Star Wars Archives contain exactly what you would expect: scripts, storyboards, photography, and concept art. A gift worthy of a collector.

13. Star Wars Deluxe Box Set

Quite the bookworm’s dream, this deluxe box set teaches fans the Jedi path and enlightens them as regards the Siths and their legends.

14. Star Wars Resistance Ring

If you loved The Last Jedi, this gift will be right up your alley. It’s a luxurious ring with a centerpiece that rotates, placed in an elegant box, with a price to match.

15. Emperor Throne Armchair

Want to feel like Emperor Palpatine when sitting at your desk? If you have friends who like to buy you extravagant gifts, make sure they bookmark this one.

16. Star Wars Quadcopter

A lovely friend for the Millennium Falcon drone, this quadcopter is just what you need to have an epic air battle worthy of the Star Wars franchise.

17. Stormtrooper Helmet

You’ll never be as cool as a Stormtrooper, but you can get pretty close with this helmet that looks as if it has already seen some action.

18. Stormtrooper Cufflinks

Having a Star Wars themed wedding or simply going to a party where you want to dress to impress? Stormtrooper cufflinks are your go-to accessory.

19. Star Wars: The Blueprints

Get behind the scenes of the creation of the most iconic Star Wars sets by looking at the original technical drawings that made it all happen.

20. Women of the Galaxy

Star Wars women are both Jedi and Sith, heroes and villains alike, and altogether badass characters that deserve a book dedicated to them.

21. Stormtrooper Headphones

I’m a fan of on-ear headphones, and while I love mine, I wouldn’t say no to a pair of First Edition Star Wars Stormtrooper headphones.

22. Star Wars Jedi Challenges

This is one of the coolest Star Wars gifts at this price point. For less than $100, you get an immersive AR experience complete with lightsaber battles.

23. C3PO Necklace

Wearing C-3PO around your neck might not be everyone’s idea of gorgeous jewelry, but I would love to own this silver C-3PO necklace.

24. Death Star Speaker

Floating Bluetooth speakers are all the rage now. To take it one step further, I suggest this Death Star speaker with green accents that looks truly amazing.

25. R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid

I also have a tiny R2-D2 robot at home, but mine is unfortunately not app-enabled. This one moves, makes sounds, and projects holographs. Cool, right?

26. Millennium F Speaker

Okay, okay, I know this is the second Bluetooth speaker I mention, but this is for everybody who wants a Millennium Falcon, but can’t afford the drone.

27. Millennium Falcon Lego

Building legos is one of life’s great pleasures. Building a 7541 pieces Star Wars Millennium Falcon lego is a whole new experience that you shouldn’t miss.

28. Stormtrooper Robot

The cutest Stormtrooper robot ever, this one comes with augmented reality, voice command & facial recognition, to make your First Order dreams come true.

29. Star Wars AT-AT Fortress

If you think this is a child’s toy, you clearly haven’t seen what it can do. It comes with a projectile launcher, 3 projectiles, and a blaster cannon.

30. Star Wars: Frames

A perfect gift for the massive Star Wars fan who wants to own everything related to the franchise, this collection of isolating stills is pure art.

31. Luke Skywalker Watch

A priceless collectible for anyone who’s a Luke fan. The orange leather band, the stainless steel case & the multicolored face make this watch quite snazzy.

32. Star Wars Ring

There is a wide variety of Star Wars rings out there, but if you aim for a really special gift, I recommend this laser engraved bad boy.

33. Star Wars Art

If you’re a sucker for Star Wars’ visual aesthetic, go ahead and buy the two volumes of this amazing book that features never-before-seen illustrations.

34. Star Wars Cookbook

Wookie cookie? Don’t mind if I do. For cooking aficionados and massive Star Wars fans, this book is not just extremely useful in the kitchen, but also hilarious.

35. Star Wars Wireless Mouse

This mouse may not be up to the minute, but it’s a nice gimmick for Star Wars fans, especially if you also own the laptop mentioned above.

36. Han Solo Lucky Dice

Have you always wanted to be as lucky as this space scoundrel? Maybe a replica of his lucky dice would help. They make a nice add-on to a larger gift.

37. Star Wars Film Collection

One of those Star Wars gifts that will never go out of style, because who doesn’t want to binge watch all 6 Star Wars movies again and again?

38. Star Wars Art Print

Add a touch of color to your walls with a Star Wars art print. The artist uses muted colors to depict characters like Darth Vader and Boba Fett.

39. Star Wars Comforter

Yes, a comforter can be both comfy (get it?) and pretty. This option sports quilt stitching and is also reversible, for when you want to switch it up a bit.

40. Jedi Holocron

What’s a Jedi Holocron? A device with which you can test your knowledge of the 6 movies in the franchise, plus the TV shows. Affordable, effective, and fun.

41. Star Wars Toaster

How else would you have your toast in the morning if not with a Galactic Empire or Rebel Alliance imprint on it? Day made instantly better!

42. Star Wars Slow Cooker

On my quest for Star Wars gifts, I never thought I’d find a slow cooker that I could include here, but it’s happened, and this is a cool gift for cooking fans.

43. Star Wars Electric Shaver

Shaving your beard with R2-D2? Sure, why not. This is a perfect gift for people who need to have Star Wars paraphernalia around them at all times.

44. Boba Fett Backpack

Not only is this gift extremely practical, it’s also a treat to look at. Boba Fett might not be your favorite character, but you have to admit the man had style.

45. Lightsaber Umbrella

A bit gimmicky if you ask me, but fun nonetheless, a lightsaber umbrella can shield you from the rain while also ensuring you’re always ready for battle.

46. BB-8 3D LED Light Lamp

BB-8 is catching up with R2-D2 and C-3PO in terms of fame, so if you prefer this robot in favor of the others, this color changing lamp is the way to go.

47. Star Wars Thermos

I don’t know about you, but I always struggle to find a thermos that looks nice but that also won’t spill in my bag. Here’s a great solution.

48. Star Wars Water Bottle

The Dark Side supports the consumption of plenty of water throughout the day. So, if you need encouragement from Darth Vader, order this water bottle.

49. Star Wars Doormat

A classic when it comes to Star Wars humor. A bit on the pricey side for a doormat, but worth it if you have a die-hard Star Wars fan in your life.

50. Star Wars R2D2 Humidifier

You know you’re an adult when a humidifier seems like a perfectly pleasant gift. If you wanna at least spruce it up, go for this R2-D2 variant.

51. Darth Vader Blanket

This is technically a blanket with sleeves, but people have used it as a costume as well. Regardless of its use, it’s a pretty nice thing to own.

52. Darth Vader Apron

Add this to the Star Wars slow cooker and the Star Wars cookbook and you’ve got yourself a Star Wars loving cooking enthusiast starter pack.

53. Star Wars Guitar Picks

Don’t have enough money to buy your boyfriend a guitar? Let’s hope he will settle for these really cool guitar picks and a Star Wars marathon.

54. Darth Vader Bobble Head

Pop vinyl figures are old news in fandom circles, but they will never go out of style. I know I’ve had my eye on this Darth Vader bobble head for a while.

55. Darth Vader Waffle Maker

Serve your breakfast with a side of Darth Vader for a great start of the day. Crispy, fluffy waffles are enough to convince me to join the Dark Side.

56. R2-D2 Car Charger

Bring a touch of Star Wars magic to your friend’s car with this R2-D2 charger that can power up to 2 devices at once and rest comfortably in their cup holder.

57. Star Wars Bop It Game

Family game night has never been this enjoyable. The Bop It game is a classic, and the Star Wars version just makes it a million times better.

58. Star Wars Shot Glasses

Someone who collects shot glasses (like my best friend does) will appreciate having these 4 Star Wars themed gems in their collection.

59. Stormtrooper Bottle

I’m pretty sure you’re tired of seeing Stormtrooper themed items on this list, but isn’t this bottle something you’d want to have in your drinks cabinet?

60. Star Wars No Show Socks

I don’t know about you, but socks are a gift that I’ll always treasure, much like Albus Dumbledore does. That these are Star Wars themed is just a bonus.

61. Death Star Beach Ball

This is not your typical beach ball. It’s shaped like the Death Star, and it also lights up when you hit it, guaranteeing you’ll have a fun time at the pool.

62. Star Wars Ice Trays

While these are technically ice trays, you can also use them to make chocolate, jellies, candy, soap, and even crayons. The galaxy is the limit.

63. Stormtrooper Smartwatch

This is more than a smartwatch because it does everything a typical smartwatch does, but it also comes with specs like voice-changing & photo effects.

64. Star Wars Music Box

A cute little gift for people who love Star Wars music, and also carved wooden boxes. The design and the craftsmanship are quite impressive for the price point.

65. Christmas Tree Skirt

‘Tis the season (not really) to put together a Star Wars Christmas tree, complete with this festive tree skirt. It even lights up.

66. Star Wars Bath Rug

Have you ever dreamed of stepping foot on the Death Star? Now you can (literally) do that right when you come out of the shower. 

67. Carbonite Han Solo Decal

Han Solo stuck in carbonite has become a staple of interior decor. For instance, here’s a door decal that bears the mark of Solo walking through your door.

68. Star Wars Herb Grinder

Sure, let’s call this an herb grinder and assume you’re going to gift it to someone who’s really into cilantro. Tiny Darth Vader is too cute to pass on.

69. Yoda Throw Pillow

This Yoda pillow is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, but if you’re not a Yoda fan, you can also choose between a Stormtrooper, R2-D2, and C-3PO.

70. Star Wars Garage Stool

Do you want to sit on Darth Vader’s face? This stool can make that wish come true. Use it as a bar stool or bring it to the office.

71. Star Wars Nutcracker

Crush your nuts in style with the help of this TIE Fighter nutcracker whenever the Force seems to fail you, or you know, if you’re Han Solo.

72. Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies. Yoga, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper & R2-D2-shaped cookies perfect for snacking on during a Star Wars marathon.

73. Star Wars Can Cooler

Turn your soda (or beer) can into a mini R2-D2 that will keep your drink cold and your can looking much cooler. One of the best affordable Star Wars gift.

74. Lightsaber Ice Pop

Ice pops that look like lightsabers would make a nice addition to any summer party. They’re fun, gimmicky, and undoubtedly delicious.

75. Death Star Tea Infuser

That’s no moon – it’s a Death Star tea infuser. Mandatory pun aside (apologies), this is one of the best Star Wars gifts for loose tea lovers.

76. Darth Vader Oven Mitt

If you wanna feel like a badass even when you’re at home cooking, this silicone oven mitt inspired by Darth Vader’s staple one will do the trick.

77. Millenium F Bottle Opener

It’s the small things in life that matter, like this Millennium Falcon bottle opener made of zinc alloy with an impressively detailed design.

78. Star Wars Laptop Sleeve

If you want to buy a laptop sleeve to keep your baby safe from the dangers of the outside world, buy one with a Star Wars print for added pizzaz.

79. Chewbacca Onesie

I’ve always wanted a onesie, and now that I found this one, I know what to add to my wish list. Extremely cozy and comfortable, it’s the perfect gift.

80. Star Wars Luggage Tag

If losing your luggage at the airport is your worst fear, you’ll get a lot of use out of this Darth Vader luggage tag which attaches easily to any bag.

81. Star Wars Bottle Stopper

The Lando Calrissian Accents Collection dazzles with this shiny art deco bottle stopper. White and gold, it’s quite the elegant accent.

82. Star Wars Boxers

A classic Star Wars Christmas gift, but one that’s acceptable all year round, these Chewy boxers are comfy and fun. Get your partner this as a nerdy treat.

83. Star Wars Pop Socket

You’ve probably seen pop sockets being used by millennials far and wide. They’re useful, and they can also be a cool accessory for your phone.

84. Darth Vader Alarm Clock

What better way to wake up in the morning than with Darth Vader right beside your bed? This is a nifty alarm clock that doubles as a figurine.

85. Star Wars Flash Drive

This tiny C-3PO flash drive is absolutely adorable, especially since you can place it upright on your desk and you’ve got yourself a little golden buddy.

86. Chewbacca Messenger Bag

Inspired by Chewy’s famous bandolier, this messenger bag features the Star Wars logo, but discreetly enough not to look like part of a costume.

87. Princess Leia Dog Costume

Want to turn your pooch into a strong, badass woman? If she’ll allow it, dress her into this Princess Leia costume and take some cute pictures.

88. Stormtrooper Bathrobe

A stormtrooper must always be ready for action, even when coming out of the bath. Lounge around the house in this fluffy fleece robe.

89. R2-D2 Coffee Press

Coffee lovers, unite! Waking up to the smell of fresh coffee in the morning can only be made better by it being poured from an R2-D2 coffee press.

90. Star Wars Bookends

What better way to hold up your collection of Star Wars books than these two R2-D2 and BB-8 bookends made of black diecast metal?

91. Star Wars Toilet Decal

Bad Star Wars-related poop puns? Always. Adorn your toilet seat with a Star Wars vinyl decal for the ages. Your guests will surely enjoy it.

92. Millennium Falcon Float

If this is the only way I’ll ever ride on the Millennium Falcon, I guess I’ll take it. An affordable ride-on float for Star Wars fanatics.

93. Death Star Cookie Jar

That’s no… Sorry, sorry, I won’t use the same joke again. Let me try again. Come to the Dark Side,… Nope. You know what? Here’s a nice Death Star cookie jar.

94. Tauntaun Sleeping Bag

Camping enthusiast? Star Wars fan? Then you’re the target audience for this Tauntaun sleeping bag with a built-in pillow.

95. Lightsaber Blender

If there’s one thing I didn’t know I needed but I now want, it would be this lightsaber blender. It’s one of the best Star Wars gifts for cooks out there.

96. Star Wars Monopoly

The Star Wars Monopoly is a fan favorite, and this 40th anniversary edition is all the more special. A perfect game night option for Star Wars nerds.

97. Star Wars Phone Case

You can find a wide variety of Star Wars phone cases online, but this one really drew my attention with its quality material and interesting design.

98. Star Wars Cutting Board

Darth Vader is appalled by the lack of bacon in your kitchen, and he’s gonna tell you that when you chop vegetables on this Star Wars cutting board.

99. Lightsaber Power Bank

Did you know that a lightsaber can charge your phone? At least, this 2600mAh power bank from Mimoco can. Po-tay-to, potah-to.

100. Journal and Pen Gift Set

Is your friend an aspiring writer? Then this set containing a Star Wars engraved journal and pen is an excellent gift to show them you support their passion.

Are you still with us? If you managed to get to the end of this article, you deserve a reward. We’re not going to give you one, but you deserve it nonetheless.

Share your thoughts on any of these 100 best Star Wars gifts in the comments, and let’s have a conversation.

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