August 28, 2019
DIY Binge Watching Survival Kit [20+ Products]

As long as you learn how to binge watch responsibly and are aware of what happens when you binge watch, there’s noting wrong with engaging in a binge watching marathon. And we have just the thing for it – the ultimate binge watching survival kit.

Have you always wanted a reaching aid for those times when you just don’t feel like standing up? Control your TV with your wand, eat Chinese using lightsaber chopsticks, and successfully ignore people who come to check if you’re still alive using the WiFi-enabled video doorbell.

1. TV And Movie Binge Watching Periodic Table

Let’s start with the basics. If you live under a rock and have no other way of finding out what’s the next cool show you should watch, this periodic table can help. Luckily, it features a ton of cool shows that will keep you busy for ages, so it definitely enables your binge watching habits. Oops?

2. Cup Cozy Deluxe Pillow

No, this is not a cup holder that’s also a pillow – we were disappointed as well. It is however, a pretty awesome holder for your drinks, as well as your remote.

You can hold up to 4 drinks in it, because we all know that when you’re binge watching something, you need coffee to stay awake, water to keep hydrated, beer to settle the nerves (see my experiment), and maybe a fresh orange juice so that you don’t feel too guilty.

3. Remote Control Holder Armchair Organizer

Now that you have a place for your drinks, you also need one for your snacks, glasses, phone, charger, perhaps a magazine (boring episodes are bound to happen), and whatever else you feel the need to have close by when you watch TV.

This only works if you have an armchair or a couch, so if you’re a true sloth that likes to binge watch in bed, just stick to our previous option.

4. Beer and Soda Guzzler Helmet

If you’re not afraid to wear your alcoholism on your sleeve, get two beer cans, place them in this hat, and start chugging. Since we do not encourage excessive alcohol consumption, we’re pretty sure you can get away with using soda cans instead.

5. Cozy Socks

I don’t think there was ever a time when I’ve said no to a pair of cozy socks. Being comfortable is an important part of any binge watching survival kit, and if that comfort comes paired with a snarky remark, even better.

You can pick your poison, as it were, and go for socks that ask for wine, beer, coffee, and even pizza and tacos.

6. Cozy Velvet Wizard Robe

This may technically be a Halloween costume, but if you’re like me, and you wish Halloween would happen every other month, then you’ll feel no shame wearing this on your binge watching sessions.

Fancy yourself a wizard? Why not binge watch all 8 Harry Potter movies wrapped in this cozy, fluffy, velvety robe?

7. Folding Spork

No one wants to do the dishes in zombie mode after watching TV for 10 hours. Instead of having to clean a variety of cutlery, just clean the spork. Or better yet, throw it away (just kidding, don’t be an asshole). The spork is made for camping, but who says you can’t just prop a blanket up and call it glamping?

8. Zero F’s Given Decision Coin

Should I watch another episode or just go to bed? If you don’t trust yourself to make the right decision, just leave it up to fate. Flip the coin and listen to what the finger has to say. The gratuitous foul language is just a nice added bonus to this binge watching survival kit!

9. Single Forever T-Shirt

I’m not saying that people who spend most of their time indoors watching TV are usually single, but I’m also not not saying that. This is the perfect comfy shirt to keep you toasty when you’re curling up on the couch watching your favorite show.

10. Stepper Machine

Because we don’t want you to put on a couple of pounds with all this TV watching and snacking, we strongly suggest a stepper machine that you can use either while watching or when you’re taking a break.

Bonus tip: Watch Black Mirror’s Fifteen Million Merits while on the stepper. You’ll get why.

11. Reaching Aid

Yes, some of us really are that lazy. Call it a reaching aid, an object grabber, or an arm extension, this useful tool will save you many trips around the room. You can also use it to pick up the trash around you, assuming you’ll be surrounded by a mountain of candy wrappers and empty bags of chips.

12. Tablet Stand

Although on the inside, I’m judging you for choosing to watch TV on your tablet, I still want to make your experience worthwhile. At least please, for the love of God, don’t hold your tablet in your hands like a barbarian – use this handy tablet stand instead.

13. Mini Projector

If you’re not a heathen, but someone who likes to watch TV in style, you might be interested in this pocket projector. Anker sells some pretty cool electronics, and this one is no exception. Surely watching TV 20 hours a day is excusable when you have this in your binge watching survival kit.

14. Lightsaber Chopsticks

I don’t know about you, but when I binge watch, I like to order food. And let’s face it, when you keep ordering the same type of Chinese food over and over again, it can get a bit repetitive. What you can do to spruce it up is eat it using these lightsaber chopsticks.

Pro tip: Later, you can use them to have a miniature lightsaber fight with your imaginary friend.

15. Death Star Popcorn Maker

Popcorn is a must-have when binge watching. So is this Death Star popcorn maker if you’re a Star Wars fan. If you’ve ever had a strange dream in which you were eating popcorn out of the top half of the Death Star, you’re in luck! The makers of this machine had the same dream, and they turned it into a reality.

16. Remote Control Wand

I have something for the Potterheads out there as well: a Harry Potter remote control wand. Why control your TV with a boring remote when you could vigorously shake your wand at it? If this has peaked your interest (tehe), hurry up and add this wand to your binge watching kit until it chooses a different owner!

17. LED Clock Fan

Okay, maybe you don’t want to know how much time has passed since you sat in front of your computer and hit play. But you should. Use this as a handy clock, but also as a cute little fan that can help you cool off after a particularly intense scene in The Haunting of Hill House.

18. Disposable Gas Neutralizers

If you’re not single as I’ve just proclaimed you might be, and you’re binge watching with your significant other, trust these pads to keep foul smells at bay. 

Farts are not meant to stay in, so let them out freely without having to leave the room. Just make sure you also cough at the same time, to cover any potential sounds.

19. Coffee Mug Warmer & Mug Set

Steaming coffee all day long sounds like heaven to me. If you’re a coffee nut as well (or a tea nut, I don’t discriminate), this mug warmer will become your new favorite thing. No need to go make yourself another cup of joe because you’ve been so distracted by the show you were watching that you forgot to drink the first one.

20. Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Who dares disturb you when you’re binge watching the latest season of Stranger Things? Now you can check without getting up using this video doorbell. You can also speak with whoever is visiting you through it, so you can tell them to fuck off remotely.

21. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

blue light protection glasses

Check Its Price on SwanWick

Everyone knows that blue light can be a pain in the ass (and eyes). If you wanna avoid that, but not so much as to actually turn off the TV, these glasses can help. They help you focus better on the image, have a restful sleep once you stop watching, and they also look kind of cool.


Now that you’ve got everything covered, from eating to drinking, comfort, entertainment, and even gas relief, it’s time to hit play and enjoy. Tell us about your go-to binge watching survival kit in the comments. What do you like to have close by when you watch TV?

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