July 30, 2019
10 Best Game of Thrones Gifts If You’re Not Over GoT Yet

Confession: I wasn’t always a Thronie. When HBO’s adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s 5 volume epic fantasy premiered in 2011 I wasn’t in a hurry to watch it. Fast forward to the early winter of 2015, rediscovering a Christmas-gifted box set of GRRM’s 5-volume ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series, and over 4,200 pages later I. Was. All. In.

Then I put on my sister’s collectors edition Seasons one and two DVDs. I was SWEATING. I was SCREAMING. I was SO NOT OK WITH NED STARK LOSING HIS HEAD. I was… a THRONIE. That meant I could also finally understand and appreciate the incredible Game of Thrones merch out there (and also start dreaming about all the amazing Game of Thrones gifts I could receive).

Inspired by my own Game of Thrones gifts & merch collection, as well as my sister Rachel’s much more extensive range, I decided to put together a little Game of Thrones gift guide featuring all of the best Game of Thrones gifts a true fan would want in now that the final season is over. Let’s get to it, shall we?

1. Daenerys Figure

This Dark Horse Deluxe Daenerys figure is the ULTIMATE collectors item for Khaleesi fans. Everything about this figurine, from the drape of her flowy white gown, to the meticulously painted details, to the sculpting of the eggs, Dany’s hair, and her face, is stunning.

Majestically preserved inside the box or opened and displayed, you could say she’s the mother of all figures.

2. House Stark Winter Is Coming Mug

This glossy black mug proudly features the Direwolf –the Stark House sigil. Drinking coffee, tea, and cocoa and knowing things has never been more stylish. It’s an everyday way to show some GOT love.

3. Game of Thrones Monopoly

The Iron Throne, a fearsome Direwolf, and a Raven (jury’s still out on whether he has three eyes or just two) are three of the playable tokens in this Thronie take on the property-buying game. The only die you need to worry about in this game are the ones you roll to move ‘round the board!

4. Game of Scones: All Men Must Dine Cookbook

This unofficial ASOIAF parody cookbook is a must for any Thronie baker. This Hot Pie approved compilation of punny foods includes a Red (Velvet) Wedding Cake, Bran (+ Hodor!) Muffins, and Jammy Lannister cookiemen. Perfect for any GoT game night, viewing party, brunch, or any other Westerosi shindig.

5. Mother of Dragons Travel Tumbler

Show your love for the Mother of Dragons and Mother Earth with this reusable water bottle. Because global warming and The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is just as terrifying as a White Walker invasion and zombie ice dragons. The design comes in four different cup styles including stainless steel and even a wine glass.

6. Funko Pop Daenerys and Drogon

Dracarys! Daenerys and Drogon are ready to Light. It. Up. This Funko POP Rides collectable is impressively detailed, outrageously badass, and the perfect tribute to Daenerys Stormborn, First of her name, The Unburnt, Breaker of chains, and Mother of Dragons.

7. Game of Thrones Playing Cards

The standard deck of cards gets the GoT treatment with this set featuring the faces of the main ASOIAF characters. With an antique design and high quality photos of the characters in dreamy black and white this makes for a gorgeous Game of Thrones gift! Deceptively inexpensive, wow your Thronie friends with a GoT themed game of Rummy, War, or Blackjack!

8. The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones

This is the most Samwell Tarly approved item on this list of Game of Thrones gifts. With exclusive content from the man himself, George RR Martin, this is a Maesterful 300+ pages of maps, family trees, house histories, and in depth looks into legends, lore, and battles of bygone eras in Westeros.

9. Iron Coin of the Faceless Man

A Girl Has No…Change? Not anymore! This replica of the coin the Braavosi Jaqen H’ghar gifts Arya is made of real iron and features the double-sided design from the books and HBO show. This humble coin was essential to Arya’s assassin quest, so this is also an essential Game of Thrones gift for Thronies’ quests to geek out.

10. Longclaw Pendant Necklace

The Valyrian sword bequeathed to Jon Snow from Lord Commander Jeor Mormont was integral to Jon’s journey. With the ability to slay White Walkers and add some edginess to any outfit, the Direwolf pommeled sword is the most badass necklace pendant in all the Seven Kingdoms.


What do you think of these Game of Thrones gifts? I know I definitely want to add some of these to my collection. Have I missed other best Game of Thrones gifts that would make any Thronie swoon? Leave a comment down below with your thoughts and suggestions!

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