April 25, 2019
A Song of Blades & Fire: Game of Thrones Weapons Infographic

Game of Thrones is all about epic battles. From your typical sword fight to Drogon spitting fire over half of the Lannister’s army, Game of Thrones weapons are as varied as George R. R. Martin’s ways to torture us by killing off our favorite characters. In the infographic below, we’ve rounded up all of the deaths in Game of Thrones (seasons 1-7) and identified the most prolific weapons.

For more information on our methodology, see below the infographic.

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Game of Thrones Weapons Infographic: FAQs

How Did We Gather the Data?

It wasn’t easy, let me tell you. Basically, I rewatched every episode of Game of Thrones seasons 1 to 7, and while that may sound like a picnic, it’s really not when you have to count deaths, especially in huge battle scenes.

Not only did I have to focus on the death, but also on the weapon that did the killing, which is sometimes next to impossible when the fight is happening at night (Assault on the Targaryen Fleet, I’m looking at you).

Not that I’m complaining. Overall, it was a really interesting experience and one that surprised me at times. For instance, who would have expected pots to be a weapon? Okay, maybe you would have, if you really paid attention to every single scene, but I didn’t.

How Did We Count the Deaths?

This is easy. A death was counted if:

  • It was shown on screen.
  • You could safely assume it happened off screen. (For instance, we didn’t count Ellaria Sand because we can’t know for sure if she’s dead or not)

Which Deaths Were Counted?

ALL OF THEM. Literally no death was ignored, from the great Ned Stark to the poor unnamed Targaryen soldier #1 who met his fate during the Assault on the Targaryen Fleet.

White Walkers and Wights were also counted as deaths, even if they’re technically already dead and can only be destroyed with fire and dragonglass. So, whenever Jon swings his sword and stabs one of them right in the chest, that m**********r is dead.


If you have any other questions about our methodology or you think I might’ve missed a couple of other prolific Game of Thrones weapons, leave me your comments down below. I’d love to share more of my process and research with you (I have 43 pages worth of it, mind you).

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