September 4, 2019

25 Best Gifts for Gamers of All Ages

E3 2019 has come and gone in the blink of an eye. Many of us now will be counting the days until next year’s edition, when Sony and Microsoft may unveil their next-gen consoles. In the meantime, why not fill your boots with some of the best gifts for gamers available on the internet?

That’s where I come in. I have compiled a list of the 25 best gifts for gamers, with no specific age range in mind, so your annoying younger sister and your frail toothless grandma can enjoy them. I’ve based the list on two essential criteria: rating/reviews and price, so hopefully there will be something in here for you.

25. “Keep Out, Gamer at Play” Novelty Tin Sign

We can all relate to this, even those of us who aren’t in our formative years anymore. When you want some peace while you spend 16 hours playing C.O.D online this unique gift for gamers is the perfect door sign for your bedroom, or – if you’re lucky enough to have one – your gaming room.

24. Guinness World Records: Gamers Edition 2019

I’ve always loved the Guinness Book of Records, and this edition falls neatly into the category “gifts for gamers who have everything.”

They may look at it and be confused by the use of paper (take a hike grandpa!), but they will be drawn in by the fantastic and extraordinary records. And who knows, perhaps they will try to break one or two themselves!

23. Sony Playstation Console Shaped Wallet

If you are present buying and stuck on what to get your boyfriend or husband for his birthday, then look no further. This wallet is fantastic, and intricately designed after the legendary and game-changing PS1. This will be the perfect gamer gift for him, and then he’ll have to remember it when you’re out for dinner.

22. PacMan Ghost Light Table Lamp

Now we’re getting retro! PacMan is still one of the most popular games of all time, and one of my favorites. This lamp is the perfect addition to your gaming den and gives off enough light if you want it as a night-light. This is one of the ideal gifts for gamers that love all things retro and vintage.

21. Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan, Dual Controller Charging Station and USB Hub for PS4 Slim/Regular

Here we have the perfect gift for PS4 gamers. The cooling fan will let you play for hours upon hours, and the dual charging station means you’ll never have to wait for a controller to charge. All in a neat and well constructed vertical tower. This will give you more time and room to buy more games!

20. The Sims 4 (Xbox One)

The only game on this list, and it’s a stone-cold classic. The Sims is a rite of passage for any gamer, whether you started playing the original on PC in 2002 (like me), or have picked up the newest installment on PS4/Xbox. This will draw you in and hook you like no other game can. Just don’t get hung up on the strange dialect known as Simish.

19. Red Dragon PC Gaming Accessories Bundle

This bundle is fantastic, and it is the perfect gift for PC gamers. You get a mouse, keyboard, mousepad, and headset, all designed with gaming as the number one priority. And all for under $60. This is a steal, considering a Red Dragon keyboard on its own can cost anywhere from $30-$60. Grab this bargain before they sell out, I know I will!

18. 2 TB External Portable Hard Drive for Xbox

This is a must-have gift for Xbox gamers. You can store over 50 Xbox games, as well as a bucket load of music and movies. And damn does it look good! Designed specifically with Xbox in mind, it will look perfect next to your Xbox One (or Xbox Project Scarlett, depending on when it is you’re reading this article).

17. Sega Smartphone Controller

sega smartphone controller

Check Its Price on Zavvi

“Does your granny always tell ya that the old songs are the best?” Well, she’s right even more so with consoles. With most of your favorites available on your smartphone, this is a must-buy gift for video gamers of all ages.

Just remember that you’ll need to buy a portable phone charger as well because you’ll never be able to put it down.

16. Nintendo NES Coasters

nintendo coasters

Check Its Price on Truffle Shuffle

This one is simple, yet so very cool. A pack of 8 coasters designed to resemble a NES cartridge, harking back to some of my favorite games: Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Duck Hunt (gun not included!).

If like me, you struggle when it comes to Christmas and birthday presents, these are the perfect gift idea for gamers who like to stay hydrated during a League of Legends marathon.

15. Cuphead & Mugman 2 Pack Funko Pops (Black & White)

cuphead mugman funkos

Check Its Price on Funko

Everyone’s favorite animated cup (sorry Chip) and his brother (who is a mug, so are they even brothers? A question for another time!) are immortalized here in brilliant black and white detail. They look great, yet they will always be a reminder of how you can’t get past that level! Just don’t take your anger out on the poor sweet cups.

14. The Comic Book Story of Video Games

This one is definitely a cool gift for gamers. When you sit at home escaping a vault or surviving another tactical mission, do you take for granted how we have developed the technology to bring you such brilliant and immersive games? This comic delves into the history of how it all began, recounting it in chronological order, with excellent and detailed artwork as accompaniment.

13. Classic Gameboy Money Box

Being a gamer is hard work. It’s not just the hours you have to dedicate to it; the cost is often a very annoying stumbling block. With games costing as much as $60, you need to be pretty savvy to get a hold of new releases.

This money box will be a godsend. Drop-in your loose change and in no time you’ll have enough to buy whatever you want: it’s one of the most important gifts for gamers.

12. Player 1 & 2 Parent Tee and Newborn Onesie Set

One of the cutest gifts for gamers I came across while compiling this list.

I know what you’re thinking: a new baby on the way, say bye-bye to your gaming room — Bye-Bye to your one player sanctum. But hold on a second. When your son or daughter is here, you’ll never have to play alone again. That is one of the best gifts for gamers you’ll ever find.

11. Unisex Blue Light Blocking Eyeglasses

I know, I know, this is a bit of a boring one. It’s kind of like when you’re a kid, and you received clothes for Christmas, right? Who wants a lovely pair of jeans or a warm sweater when you could have a Megazord or the Ghostbusters Tower?

Anyway, I’m a little off-topic. These are an ideal gift for computer gamers, XBOX gamers, PS4 gamers; video gamers in general, who value their eyesight.

10. Playstation Controller Stress Ball

playstation stress squeeze

Check Its Price On Truffle Shuffle

This has to be the no.1 gift for gamers who very often succumb to stress, especially if you have seen anyone of the hundreds of videos on YouTube showing ‘gamer rage.’

So instead of smashing your console to bits, destroying your PC, and trashing your gaming room, grab this and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. And breathe. There, that’s better.

9. Playstation Controller Cufflinks and Tie-Clip Set

It’s summertime, some would say it’s wedding season, and what kind of wedding would it be without injecting your love for gaming into it? These are beautifully finished and just look cool. They’d be the perfect gift for a gamer boyfriend who is ready to become a gamer husband.

8. Monopoly: Gamer Edition

One of the best gifts for gamers – specifically those who love board games – that is on the market at the moment. Everyone’s favorite board game gets an edition in which you’ll have endless fun.

Being more Nintendo focused, you can choose 1 of 4 characters: Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong (my choice every time). As a big fan of Monopoly, I absolutely love this game; it is a cool gift for gamers.

7. The Legend of Zelda Chess Set

Going old school here. The game of games. Still one of the most popular in the world, and played by millions around the globe (myself included), this edition is one of the more unique gifts for gamers who have everything.

Although the pieces are plastic (metal pieces would be better), they are still beautifully crafted. With Link as King and Zelda as his Queen, you’ll enjoy a break away from your multiple consoles for some chilled gaming.

6. Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday Gamer Funko Pop

Our second Funko on the list – it would have been too easy to include loads more, but then again, it was harder to exclude them altogether. To celebrate the world’s favorite mouse’s (sorry Jerry, Minnie, Timothy, Pinky & Brain – I could go on all day) 90th birthday, Funko have released multiple gamer editions of Mickey and Minnie.

This one is my favorite, however, because come on, who plays games standing up?!

5. Pride Gaymer Decorative Sticker

gaymer sticker

Check Its Price on RedBubble

Pride has just come and gone in cities all over the world. A celebration of love and freedom for everyone everywhere. This sticker takes the celebration of Pride and combines it with the culture of gaming to create a beautiful gift for gamers from all walks of life.

Available in a variety of sizes, I prefer the smaller size for laptops or tablets.

4. Xbox Controller Artwork

xbox controller prints

Check Its Price on Etsy

What we have here is the perfect gift for Xbox gamers. It depicts all of the Xbox controllers through the years, from the original, released way back in 2001 *insert shocked face emoji*, to the Xbox One, released in 2013.

It’s beautifully finished in brilliant detail and is available in a variety of sizes. If I were an Xbox gamer, this would be no.1 on my purchase list.

3. Pokemon Stylistic Tourism Wall Art

pokemon wall art

Check Its Price on Etsy

One of my all-time favorite games was Pokemon Red/Blue on Gameboy, so these are perfect for me. Hell, they’re perfect gifts for video gamers in general.

Depicted are the three major cities/towns in the world of Pokemon: Pallet Town (home of Ash Ketchum, Professor Oak and Gary – I hate that guy!), the creepy haunted Lavender Town and the coastal Vermillion City, the favorite port of the S.S Anne. Each sold separately, but in my opinion, you have to buy them as a set.

2. Fallout 4 Loot Crate Exclusive Vault Boy Bobble Head

I couldn’t leave it out. What list detailing the best gifts for gamers would be complete without this entry? The Fallout series are my favorite games (New Vegas being top of that list), and this is synonymous with the Fallout series. It will look perfect on your gaming/media unit.

I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t come with any perks though!

1. Sonic the Hedgehog Plush Slippers

Finally, we made it. And what a cool gift for gamers on which to finish. Soft and comfortable, and designed to replicate Sonic’s shoes, they look great in the pictures. The only thing that puts me off slightly is the price, but they are officially licensed.

Just don’t expect to be able to run at SuperSonic speed.

If you’re looking for the best gifts for gamers, then this list has you covered.

I have meticulously scrutinized all 25 items to help you with your decision. There’s a range of products from a few different websites here, and I personally love the Pokemon prints and the NES coasters.

What are your favorites? What ones would you like to have seen on the list? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to follow all of our social media for all things geek!

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