July 30, 2019
The 17 Best Harry Potter Gifts You Need to Accio Your Way Right Now

Have you ever wondered what the best Harry Potter gifts are for the witches, wizards and muggles in your life or even for yourself? Then look no further. As an avid Harry Potter collector and superfan, I have searched and searched for the newest and coolest products to add to my collection and here they are!

As someone who lives and breathes Harry Potter, I can honestly say that the Harry Potter gifts below include some of my favorite items in my collection and a few that are high on my wishlist! I believe that these items are perfect for new and seasoned Harry Potter fans of all ages. While I have gifted most of these items to myself I’ll bet a bag of galleons that whoever ends up with these items won’t be disappointed!

17 Magical Harry Potter Gifts for the Devoted Fan

1. Harry Potter Funko Pop

What better way to start a Potterheard’s Funko Pop collection than with the title character? While there have been a number of Funko Pop’s created specifically for Harry, like him in his Quidditch gear, with the Marauder’s Map, or in his Herbology robes my favorite will always be the original!

When I picture Harry Potter I imagine him in his school uniform as a first-year student at Hogwarts, and this Pop is exactly what I have in mind. I do think that this Pop is better suited for a new collector because it can still be found in stores and online at a lower price, and because most seasoned collectors will probably already have it.

This Funko is also a fun display piece for a Potterhead’s desk or bookshelf, which is where I like to display most of my Funkos. This one is also ideal if Harry is your recipient’s favorite character. I don’t think that there is any better Funko to be gifted to a Harry Potter fan than the original Harry.

2. Lion Head Luna Lovegood Funko Pop

Is there a more eccentric character in the Harry Potter series than Luna Lovegood? The answer is probably not. Whether she’s reading the Quibbler upside down or suspecting Nargles, there is no character quite like Luna.

She is kind, smart, and a bit out there, which is what I love most about her. She’s also not afraid to be herself, even if it doesn’t make her the most popular student at Hogwarts. This Funko featuring her legendary Lion Head hat is made up of multi-colored pieces making up the mane. It is beautifully made and an all-around cool Harry Potter gift.

I can’t think of any Potterhead who doesn’t enjoy the eccentricities of Luna Lovegood, and who wouldn’t like having this Funko as a new addition to their collection!

3. Bellatrix Lestrange Funko Pop

I may have just said that there’s no character quite as eccentric as Luna Lovegood but Bellatrix Lestrange is definitely up there on that list. Although I myself am not a fan of the Dark Arts I will say that of all the “evil” characters in the Harry Potter series, Bellatrix Lestrange is my favorite!

“Bellatrix is so twisted, deranged, and unpredictable, which I think is what makes her so terrifying to the other characters in the story, especially Muggle-borns and those opposing the Dark Lord.”

Megan Subsick

Although she does terrible things throughout the series I do love her presence in the books and movies. Similarly to how there’s no character like Luna Lovegood I can honestly say the same for Bellatrix (if we’re talking bad guys/girls), which is why I absolutely love this Bellatrix Lestrange Funko Pop!

It features her in her signature black dress, her uniquely curved wand, and her black fingernails.

If you know someone who loves the Death Eaters, specifically Bellatrix, or is a Helena Bonham Carter fan then this very affordable Funko is one of the best Harry Potter gifts you could get them.

4. Boggart As Snape Funko

I would be a liar if I said I didn’t compulsively check every website I could trying to get my hands on this Severus Snape Funko Pop. Considering that it basically sold out immediately on its release day I count my lucky hippogriffs that I was able to snatch it. I was pretty new to Funko Pops when I first saw this one on Instagram, but I knew immediately that I had to have it.

Severus Snape has always been one of my favorite characters, and one of my favorite scenes from Prisoner of Azkaban was when he appeared in women’s clothing as Neville Longbottom’s boggart. Even now I can’t help but laugh every time I watch that scene or read it in the book.

“My favorite part about this Funko is the details! The red handbag and vulture hat are incredible and give me a laugh every time that I see this Pop.”

Megan Subsick

It is one of my favorite Funkos (in my now extensive collection) and has a place of honor on the top shelf of my bookcase.

Since the release of this Pop, the price has risen a LOT, but because it is not available in stores this is to be expected (as it would be with any convention or store exclusive Pop). This Pop is perfect for someone whose favorite book/movie is POA, loves Snape, and already has an established Funko collection, or is hoping to collect rare Funkos!

Although the price tag is much higher than that of a regular Funko Pop, the Boggart as Snape is one that any dedicated collector would love to receive!

5. Noble Collection Niffler Plush

When the first Fantastic Beasts movie was released back in 2016 the Niffler took fans by storm. If you are unfamiliar with the Fantastic Beasts franchise or the Niffler, then you should know that they are adorable fluffy echidna like creatures that are kept (humanely) in Newt Scamander’s case.

When I first saw one on the big screen I’m pretty sure I along with everyone else in the theater went “aww”. Nifflers are attracted to shiny objects, which despite their cuteness make them super mischievous, and leads to an insane amount of chaos.

This plush is the perfect way to bring the cuteness into your home without the irreparable damage that comes with a real one. I was surprised with this by my Mom, and it is so soft and snuggly. I love that the Noble Collection decided to design it holding a gold coin since shiny objects are their favorite things.

I know that my Mom got this plush discounted at Best Buy, but I think the price on this is very reasonable for the high quality and durability. This item has a high rating on Amazon, so you know you won’t be disappointed. It is perfect for the budding magizoologist in your life!

6. Hermione Granger Noble Collection Wand

What better way to feel connected to some of your favorite characters than by purchasing their wand? There are a LOT of replicas out there, but I highly recommend the Noble Collection wands available through Amazon.

I purchased Hermione’s wand, and it, unfortunately, came damaged, BUT within two days I had a replacement and it was so easy to send the damaged item for free. I was able to bring back the box holding Hermione’s wand to my local UPS and have them re-package and ship it at no extra cost to me.

Although I was initially disappointed I have to say that the return process was easy and quick, and hasn’t discouraged me from purchasing from Noble Collection on Amazon again (in fact I’ve bought 3).

The replacement wand I received is unbelievably detailed with a vine-like design going up the wand, and the box it came in was secured in velvet with a beautiful ribbon overlay, exactly like at Ollivanders! If you’re looking for an Ollivander’s experience with the convenience of owl post then you could not ask for a better option for getting a witch or wizard their first (or seventh) wand.

7. Lord Voldemort’s Noble Collection Wand

If the Dark Arts are more your speed, then look no further than the Dark Lord’s wand! It comes in the same beautiful Ollivander’s box as the other Noble Collection wands, and it’s just as detailed. The wand looks like it is made of bone, and has markings around the handle. While I don’t personally own Lord Voldemort’s wand I love that for such an evil character it is made out of a bright material, and really stands out.

It is a great statement piece and it’s quite different from the other Harry Potter character wands that the Noble Collection has available. I think that this wand perfectly fits Lord Voldemort’s character, especially since he hates to be viewed as ordinary. The wand gives off a very sinister vibe, which is obviously very fitting for Voldemort.

“This is perfect for a Slytherin interested in the Dark Arts (please note I do NOT think all Slytherin’s are evil, mean, or interested in the Dark Arts) or for fans of Voldemort! “

Megan Subsick

Although I do not personally own this wand, it has definitely been on my Harry Potter gifts wish list since I began collecting wands, and I think it would look great displayed in the Ollivander’s wand box, on a wand stand, or used for cosplay and everyday spellcasting!

8. Hufflepuff House Wand Stand by Noble Collection

What do you get for the Potterhead that already has everything? A wand stand! If you know your gift-receiver’s Hogwarts house you can get one specific to their house, or just go with the Hogwarts stand. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Hogwarts all have gold-colored stands, while Slytherin and Ravenclaw’s are silver.

I am obsessed with the fact that the wands are held up by the house animal. It is such a clever idea! As a proud Hufflepuff, I love that along with the badger holding up the wand, that it also features the house crest. It’s such a fun way to show your house pride and feature your favorite wand at the same time!

“The Noble collection also offers a Weasley themed wand stand, a double wand stand, and displays that can hold up to ten wands (I need this in my life).”

Megan Subsick

The wand stand is a really great addition to any Harry Potter fan’s collection, especially if you know they collect wands, but don’t know which ones they already have and don’t want to risk a duplicate.

It’s not an item that I’d normally think to buy for someone but I would love to get this as a present or buy it for myself. In fact, it may be my next Amazon buy. Most of my wands live in their boxes to keep them in good condition, but I would love to have a stand (or twenty) to display my favorites!

9. LEGO Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Aragog’s Lair

If you aren’t sure what to buy but know the person you’re buying for is both a Harry Potter and a Lego fan then this will make one of the coolest Harry Potter gifts. I impulsively bought this set at Target and had so much fun building it while I watched the films this past summer. I am not the best LEGO builder, so the fact that it came with a manual with clear building steps was very helpful.

This set was small (157 pieces) but still took me enough time to put together, and was complex enough that I thought it was worth the purchase! It is a great gift for fans of Harry Potter and LEGO builders. This one is a great size and an awesome value.

One of my biggest pet peeves about Legos is that I often don’t have the space to store a built set for a long time, but this set is small enough that it can be displayed without taking up a lot of space. Most importantly this Aragog has no interest in feeding its builder to his hundreds of spider children!

10. Harry Potter Complete Book Series Special Edition Boxed Set

What better way to introduce someone to the Wizarding World than with the book series that started it all? I fell in love with Harry Potter and the magical world when I first began reading the series in the third grade, and I know that younger me would have loved to have this set (even though the entire series wasn’t released yet).

If you’re looking for a gift for a bookworm this is a great way to introduce them to J.K. Rowling’s most popular books and with the complete set, they’ll never have to rush to the bookstore to keep the magic flowing as they binge read the series! I personally love to collect different editions of the books, so when I was gifted this by Mom I was so excited to have more copies of my favorite series!

The covers are very detailed and show off some amazing artwork. The biggest reason why I love this specific edition of the books is that when the spines are lined up together they make up the image of Hogwarts!

11. Harry Potter Complete 8 Film Collection Set

If movies are more your thing, then this 8-disc set is probably one of the best Harry Potter gifts you could buy! It is very affordable considering that you are getting the entire movie set, and available on both DVD and Blu-Ray. The only way this gift could be better would be by grabbing some chocolate frogs or Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans and settling on the couch for the ultimate movie marathon!

“Like the book set, the movie set is a great way to introduce new fans to Harry Potter or a suitable gift for seasoned fans that might need to replace their original collection.”

Megan Subsick

I also think this would be a great gift for anyone going off to college who might not have remembered to bring their Harry Potter movies along! This set would be an ideal way to guarantee that all the discs stay together and are easier to travel with than having them in individual cases.

I know I hate it when I go to watch the next movie in a series only to find that it has been replaced with a random copy someone was too lazy to find the case for. If only there was a spell to get rid of the inevitable scratches that seem to go hand in hand with discs!

12. Tervis Marauder’s Map Tumbler

Do you or someone you know need a way to spice up the pumpkin juice or Butterbeer game with some magical drinkware? Then this Marauder’s Map tumbler is for you. I received this travel tumbler for my 25th birthday and I love that it is perfect for being on the go! It can hold hot or cold beverages and so far I haven’t experienced any leakages!

The brown top slides over the mouthpiece to keep whatever brews you choose inside the cup. Most importantly, it actually keeps my tea hot in the morning, and my water cold in the afternoon. One of the best features of this tumbler is that there is NO sweating on the outside! Did I mention that it’s also dishwasher safe? I swear a wizard made this tumbler!

It is also a subtle way to show off your love for the Harry Potter franchise without screaming that it’s a Harry Potter tumbler, and the Marauder’s Map design is super cute and a great way to bring some magic to all of those muggle responsibilities.

13. Harry Potter: The Illustrated Collection (Books 1-3 Boxed Set)

I am a sucker for a good illustration, especially one related to Harry Potter. I love seeing how other Harry Potter fans interpret and visualize the books, and these illustrated editions show me just that. They are a great gift for lovers of the series!

This box set which includes the first three books in the series (the illustrated edition of Goblet of Fire is being released this October) have the most beautiful illustrations by the fabulous Jim Kay. He has truly brought the characters, creatures and magical locations to life. Some of my favorite illustrations are of Diagon Alley, Albus Dumbledore, the Burrow, and the Knight Bus to name a few!

No matter how many times I look through these books I always find a new favorite page! While you can buy the books separately, the set comes in a slipcase, which is great for keeping the books protected and together when they aren’t being used. This three-book set is an ideal gift for Harry Potter lovers as well as new visitors to the wizarding world.

14. Harry Potter: Collectible Quidditch Set

Would the Potterhead in your life love to go to the Quidditch World Cup or zoom around on the pitch for hours on end? Then this Quidditch set, which features all of the balls you need to play this iconic wizarding sport might be one of the most suitable Harry Potter gifts for them. The quaffle and bludgers are high quality, and they even have minor scuffs and divots, giving the illusion that they have seen their share of playing time!

I am not a huge Quidditch fan, but I do think this set is really fun and great for pictures. My only issue with this particular set (and one that I’ve heard on YouTube and Instagram) is that the golden snitch cannot be removed from the box, while the quaffle and bludgers can.

I think it takes a bit away from the set because the golden snitch is such a big part of Harry’s journey at Hogwarts. After all, he is the youngest seeker in a century.

The display box that this set comes in is very durable and features the house crests. It really does remind me of the one we see when Oliver Wood introduces Harry Potter to the Quidditch balls in Sorcerer’s Stone. If you can get over not being able to remove the golden snitch, then the Quidditch set is a great idea for anyone hoping to play for his or her house team.

15. Harry Potter Golden Snitch Sticker Kit

As I mentioned before, the Quidditch set does not come with a removable golden snitch, but a great way to get around that shortcoming is the golden snitch sticker kit. Along with a number of cute stickers, there is also a deconstructed golden snitch. All you have to do is attach the wings to the ball (there are premade holes) and you have a full Quidditch set.

This way, your recipient has access to all of the balls and at such a low price you can’t go wrong with this as an add on. I honestly think this is a great solution and it is super to easy to put together. Plus, it comes with a stand so the snitch actually stays in place (it does tend to roll around when it’s not on the stand).

I know that I love having the golden snitch to feature in photos and display along with the Quidditch set above.

16. The Noble Collection Harry Potter Marauders Map

I cannot say enough about the Marauder’s Map. I bought this for myself after eyeing it at my local bookstore and it has since become a feature in my Instagram posts and I love displaying it on my bookcase (along with the Boggart as Snape Funko).

While it won’t berate you for not knowing the incantation to make it readable it is one of my favorite pieces in my collection. It folds out just like in the movies and it’s made of thick and sturdy paper. It currently boasts a high rating on Amazon and the price is great for a replica that is featured often in the movies and books.

I haven’t had any issues with ripping and although it’s never insulted any teachers or professors for me it feels like it came straight out of Prisoner of Azkaban.

17. Hermione’s Time Turner

“Proceed with caution with regards to this item or you might just meddle with time! (Seriously, don’t do that).”

Megan Subsick

This time turner might not send you back to change the fate of a hippogriff or an escaped convict but it will make you feel a bit closer to the brightest witch of her age, Hermione Granger.

I gifted this Time Turner to myself (shocking I know) for my birthday this past year and it has never disappointed. It comes in a beautiful display case and has yet to appear tarnished or scuffed! It is such a gorgeous replica, and could probably be worn as a necklace or for a Hermione Granger cosplay.

The quality of this time turner definitely makes the price worth it (I paid the same at my local book store) and I have never regretted buying it. If you think your give recipient might decide to wear this item, I will say the chain ends up being quite short (at least for me), so if you’re looking for a time turner necklace for everyday wear I might look for a different option.

I prefer my necklaces a bit longer and this one wasn’t a comfortable length for me. However, at 18 inches it might be perfect for the wearer you’re buying for or serves as a gorgeous display piece.


Well, there you have it Potter fans! Those were my top 17 Harry Potter gift ideas! There are so many amazing items out there that it was hard to narrow it down, but I hope these will give you an idea of some Harry Potter items that you or someone you know might want to get.

So were any of my top Harry Potter gifts at the top of your or a fellow fan’s wish list? Which item out of my top 17 would you most like to get as a gift? I would love to hear from you if you think that I missed anything or have any suggestions for items you think every Potterhead should have in their collection (or if you just want to talk Harry Potter)!

As someone who is always looking for cool and exciting magical items to add to my growing collection, I am always open to hearing a fellow fan’s suggestions. Keep those gifts magical!

Megan Subsick


Hi all, I’m Meg and I first fell in love with the Harry Potter Universe when my third grade teacher began reading it aloud in class. That day after school I got home, snuck into my older brother Alex’s room, and stole his copy of Sorcerer’s Stone. It was the first chapter book that I ever read in a single day. The rest is history (of magic).

Each year I counted down the days for the next film or book to come out in an effort to rejoin the magic of the wizarding world. When the series ended, I thought that the magic was over. Fast forward to July 30th 2016. I had been studying Shakespeare abroad in London for a few weeks when I realized I would still be in the city for the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (which I have since seen 4 times and counting). Despite being a huge fan of the series, I had never been to a midnight release and this was my chance!

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