August 26, 2019
50 Nerdy Engagement Rings to Ask Player 2 to Marry You

Finding the perfect ring for your player 2 is an essential stage of the engagement process. You want one that doesn’t just show them how much you love them, but one that they’ll love to wear. For geek couples, nerdy engagement rings are a brilliant way to celebrate your love by remembering what brought you together: your love for pop culture.

So we’ve scoured the internet and found you the best geeky engagement rings, so when you’re ready to pop the question, you’ve got one less thing to worry about. They’re not just for women either! We’ve got the best nerdy male engagement rings too.

1. Harley Quinn Engagement Ring

Prove your love’s no joke with this exquisite Harley Quinn engagement ring featuring Harley’s signature colors in a design as unique as the lady herself.

2. ‘Mystic’ Harry Potter Engagement Ring

harry potter nerdy ring

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This stunning Harry Potter engagement ring is inspired by the infamous Deathly Hallows which were said to allow the user to master death. What better way to say you someone forever?

3. The Legend of Zelda Ring Ocarina of Time Zora’s Ring

This beautiful Legend of Zelda ring is inspired by an item in the game. The Zora Ring is a magical item that provides Link with the ability to breathe underwater, allowing him to stay there indefinitely. Fans of the game will not only like the idea of an in-game item brought to life, but they’ll also love the symbolism of belonging in your life forever.

4. Sailor Moon Tsukino Ring Usagi Wedding Ring

This Sailor Moon wedding ring incorporates the planetary bond of the anime that is at the heart of a story of love and friendship. Perfect for commemorating your own story.

5. My Wings are Crossed! The Original! Ring – Ladies

This Star Wars X-Wing engagement ring is perfect for the lady in your life who loves everything about the Star Wars universe. If she knows her X-Wings from her B-Wings, then she’ll truly appreciate that there’s a beautiful engagement ring just right for her.

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6. Flash Men’s Titanium Ring

For the superhero in your life, this Flash ring is just what you need to pop the question and let him know that you’re his lightning rod.

7. Men’s Black Panther Ring

This Black Panther ring is perfect for the Marvel enthusiast who will get a kick out of the authenticity of having a licensed replica wedding ring.

8. Lord of The Rings Aragorn and Arwen’s Engagement Ring

Pledge your love and your life to your own Arwen with this gorgeous replica of the ring of Barahir, Aragorn’s family ring, just as he did when he presented it to Arwen beneath the trees of Lothlórien.

9. Game of Thrones Dothraki Rings

Perfect for Game of Thrones fans, these rings are inscribed in Dothraki with “My sun and stars” & “Moon of my life,” the names given to one another by Daenerys Targaryen & Khal Drogo.

10. The Flash Engagement Ring

This vibrant Flash engagement ring stood out amongst all the other superhero rings with its unique design and contrasting colors.

11. Poke Claddagh Ball Band – Ladies

A nerdy spin on the traditional Irish love ring, this Poke Claddagh ring is a great way to mix tradition and pop culture to capture your lover’s heart.

12. ‘Destiny’ Kingdom hearts Engagement Ring

destiny Kingdom hearts engagement ring

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Not only does this nerdy engagement ring look gorgeous, but its design is based on an equally beautiful concept. In the Kingdom Hearts game, there is a star-shaped fruit called a paopu fruit which according to legend, when shared by two, their destinies become intertwined forever.

13. Dr. Whovian Engagement Ring

A subtler nerdy engagement ring is this Dr. Who ring which relies on symbology from the show to create a beautiful ring.

14. Star Trek Ring

Boldly go ahead and pop the question with this quirky, nerdy engagement ring perfect for Star Trek fans.

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15. Batman Wedding Ring Men’s

This engraved Batman wedding ring is just right for the Batman to your Cat Woman.

16. Zelda Hylian Shield Ring

Complete the quest to win your love’s heart with this beautiful Legend of Zelda ring. The design features two quest items from the games that fans will be familiar with: The Hylian Shield from Breath of the Wild and the Goron’s Ruby from Ocarina of Time.

17. Pokemon Diamond Engagement Ring

Gotta catch a heart with this Pokemon engagement ring. Be sure not to miss it.

18. I am Groot Ring

Say “I am Groot” to the one you love with this Guardians of the Galaxy inspired ring.

19. Disney Belle Princess Ring

Forever capturing the essence of fairytales and magic, Disney has created this elegant enchanted rose ring fit for the princess in your life.

20. Green Lantern Ring

In brightest day, in blackest night, this ring will glow with the light of your love. Quite literally, as this Green Lantern wedding ring is made from a glow-in-the-dark material.

21. World of Warcraft Horde Men’s Ring

The ideal nerdy engagement ring for the gamer who swears allegiance to the Horde.

22. Pixel Heart Ring

When you commit to someone, you’re giving your life to them, and with these pixel heart rings, you can give them your life in pixel form.

23. TriForce Men’s Ring

There aren’t many unique nerdy engagement rings for men; however, this Triforce Legend of Zelda band offers a design that stands out from the crowd.

24. Wonder Woman Tiara Band

Show your partner just how wonderful you think they are with this Wonder Woman Tiara band.

25. Star Wars’ The Force’ Engagement Ring

Star wars engagement ring

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This intricate Star Wars Engagement ring is inspired by the Force, the unseen power that binds everything and everyone in the galaxy together. Just like love binds you and your loved one together.

26. Sailor Moon Princess Serenity Engagement Ring

Sailor Moon fans will love the chance to wear this Sailor Moon engagement ring, a copy of the engagement ring that Prince Endymion gave to Princess Serenity.

27. Computer Circuit Ring

Perfect for the computer geek in your life, this nerdy engagement ring brings together their love for computers and their love for you.

28. Captain America Men’s Wedding Band

This nerdy engagement ring doubles as a shield for your Captain America. Every Peggy needs her Captain, and every Captain American needs a shield.

29. Nightmare Before Christmas Engagement Ring

Everyone has their own unique sense of style, and this Nightmare Before Christmas engagement ring is just right for the quirky love of your life.

30. Iron Man Reactive Arc Ring

Who needs a heart when you’ve got a reactive arc? Marvel fans will appreciate this more unusual idea for a nerdy wedding ring.

31. Super Mario Men’s Band

Nerdy wedding rings like this are perfect for sharing your love of retro video games like Super Mario Brothers with your partner.

32. World of Warcraft Alliance Ladies Ring

It’s for love and for the Alliance with this geeky engagement ring featuring the blue and gold tones of the World of Warcraft faction.

33. ‘Parallel’ Doctor Who Ring

dr who engagement ring

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Say it with a TARDIS and offer your partner all of time and space with one of the most elegant Doctor Who wedding rings available.

34. Batman Wedding Ring Ladies

Featuring the iconic bat symbol, this batman wedding ring lets you be the light in the darkness for the lady in your life.

35. Spider-man Men’s Wedding Band

This two-tone Spider-Man wedding band is an excellent choice if you’re looking for nerdy male wedding rings that are subtly geeky.

36. Star Wars Aurebesh Bands

These Star Wars Aurabesh Bands are the ultimate geeky engagement rings. Customize these Star Wars wedding rings with your own choice of a message in the language of a galaxy far far away.

37. Dragon Ball Z Ring Ladies

Don’t just give her your love, give her the ultimate power of the Dragon’s wish with a Dragon Ball Z ring filled with the divine power of Shenron.

38. Star Wars Sith Men’s Ring

Unlike their light side counterparts, the Sith don’t avoid attachments; they embrace passion and take what’s theirs. Styled after a Sith Holocron, this Star Wars wedding ring is the perfect way to do just that.

39. Lord of the Rings Tengwar Ring

One ring to bind your love together; this Lord of the Rings wedding ring includes the Tengwar inscription.

40. Captain America’s Team Ring

The ideal wedding ring for the Avenger in your life, styled after team leader Steve Rogers himself.

41. Steven Universe Ring

Love is the answer with this simple yet stunning Steven Universe engagement ring.

42. Outlander Claire Pearl Ring

Inspired by Claire’s love for pearls, this Outlander engagement ring is a lovely alternative to a diamond.

43. The Name of The Wind and Wise Man’s Fear – Denna’s Ring

Inspired by Denna’s ring from The Name of the Wind and Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss, fans of the series will love this gorgeous ring.

44. Wheel of Time AES Sedai Great Serpent Ring

Featuring the symbol of eternity in the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, this nerdy engagement ring is a beautiful way of declaring your undying love.

45. Spider-Man Wedding Ring

Spider-Man, Spider-Man loves whoever a Spider-Man loves.

46. Lord of the Rings Elvish Leaf Band

Beautiful elven symbology from J.R. Tolkien’s work has been woven into every fiber of these bands, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a bit of magic in there somewhere too.

47. Men’s Steampunk Gear Ring

For the esteemed steampunk gentleman, may we suggest this nerdy wedding ring with a gear and cog inlay?

48. Star Wars Droid Engagement Ring

Our list would not be complete without a Star Wars engagement ring based on the faithful droid companion, R2-D2. Every lady deserves a droid of their own.

49. Wonder Woman Logo Ring

The classic Wonder Woman logo creates a sophisticated superhero engagement ring that is perfect for those who aren’t a fan of flashy rings.

50. Star Trek Insignia Men’s Ring

Show the Trekkie in your life that they have taken command of your heart with this Star Trek insignia ring.


As you can see, there are many different types of nerdy engagement rings available. From Batman wedding rings to Marvel rings, there’s something for everyone. Some of them have really obvious meanings, whereas others like the Kingdom Hearts ring have such beautiful, ingenious design concepts that only the couple will recognize.

I love that being a geek means that there are so many ways to express ourselves and how we feel for each other. What about you guys; which is your favorite? Have you got a nerdy engagement or wedding ring? Let us know in the comments; we’d love to hear your stories!

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