July 30, 2019
100 Cool Star Trek Gifts that Make a Logical Choice

Good Star Trek gifts? Bad Star Trek gifts? What even is the point anymore – they’re all fun! Some got points just for being conversation starters. Others are downright incredible. Quark has helped me smuggle the best of the best from across the galaxy. Some come to Quark’s, Quark’s is fun, come right now, don’t walk – run… to buy some of these extra nerdy Star Trek gifts!

100 Cool Star Trek Gifts to Spend Your Gold Pressed Latinum On

100. USS Enterprise Legacy Bamboo Cutting Board

Ever wanted to cut something and thought “hey, my cooking needs more Star Trek”? Well if you have that’s great. This one’s for you. Got minus points because it’s kind of impractical. I’d hang it on a wall and never use it, but still it’s super cool.

99. Rubie’s Classic Star Trek Phaser Gun

A cheap quick gift. Good but not great. Amazingly fun, really great detailing, but the colors as you can tell are off. Still – lots of people say this one’s the best if you want a replica – you’ll just need to repaint it.

98. Star Trek Vinyl Record Clock

Ever looked at your wall and thought “hey, my wall needs more Star Trek”? Well if you have, this Star Trek vinyl record wall-mounted clock is the perfect gift for yourself. Others will definitely love it too!

97. Dukat 2020 Bumper Sticker

Cue the cries of “Dukat did nothing wrong!” – wherever you may stand on this, one thing’s clear: Gul Dukat is probably the most complex villain ever on TV. And this sticker harkens back to Old Cardassia.

96. Star Trek James T. Kirk Sticker Pack

Give your laptop some personality – like none other than James Tiberius Kirk himself. Fill it with these notable quotes and it’ll start overacting whenever someone says Shatner. Worth it!

95. Captain’s Log Passport Sized Notebook

A cute, cheap gift – perfect for the office Secret Santa party where you’ve picked the one person in the room that likes Star Trek. This is what you want.

94. Deep Space Nine “Niners” Baseball T-Shirt

Who could forget the classic DS9 episode where a group of Vulcans were challenged to a baseball game by a scream-crying Sisko (I love him but you gotta admit he’s always scream-crying).

93. Star Trek “Enemy” Ships of the Galaxy Puzzle

If the person you’re looking to gift this to loves puzzles and Star Trek, it’s an obvious choice. The only struggle is picking between this one…

92. Star Trek Federation Ships of the Line Puzzle

…and this one. I’d go for the Federation ships just because, but the “enemy” ships have a cool design too. Guess you’ll have to pick judging solely by your own aesthetic taste.

91. Star Trek Trivial Pursuit Game

AND IT COMES IN A LITTLE SHUTTLE. That’s soooo cuuute! Come on. You have to get this one. Or better yet, save your money for the next ones cause we got some really cool stuff down at the bottom.

90. Starfleet Academy T-Shirt + Sticker Pack

2 in 1. This best value Star Trek gift is beaming down with cool stickers and a T-Shirt that proves you’ve at least attended Starfleet Academy before you dropped out to pursue a career in dilithium conduit cleaning. I’m joking, Commander, lighten up!

89. 18 oz. Captain Kirk Sculpted Ceramic Mug

I like big mugs and I cannot lie. And this 18-ounce mug proves it. If you know someone or are someone that loves large drinks of coffee (or beer?) – this mug is perfect.

88. Star Trek Disco Shirt

Classic Disco shirt as seen in the training sequences aboard the starship Discovery. Honestly I wanted to put this higher up on the list but there’s just so much incredible Star Trek merch, I had to make compromises.

87. Star Trek Adventures Starter Set

Think Dungeons and Dragons but in the Star Trek universe. If you have a bunch of friends that are into Star Trek and D&D, this is a must buy!

86. Quark’s Bar T-Shirt

Quark’s bar now sells t-shirts. If you ask Quark why, he’ll probably go on some longwinded explanation about how someone made him an offer and that he doesn’t really like it because it doesn’t involve meeting the customers. But hey – free advertising!

85. Star Trek Spock Socks AKA “Spocks”

Why not? Wear the logical choice for socks – Spock socks. Repress your feet’s emotions and perspirations. Uhm.

84. Basic There Are Four Lights Mugs

Nobody will ever understand this mug if they’re not a Star Trek fan and this makes it so much better because of the puzzled looks people will give you while you explain the Picard torture scene in great detail.

83. Rubie’s Star Trek Spock Ears

Fascinatingly true to fictional life, these ears can also work as elf ears so you can change your outfit but not your ears. Pretty neat.

82. Risk Star Trek 50th Anniversary Edition

One reviewer said this game is one of the best board games he’s ever played and he hates Risk. If that ain’t selling it, I don’t know what will.

81. Star Trek Picard Shimmering Gold T-Shirt

Relive the excitement of Data and Picard chatting over a game of cards that brought you to tears of joy. Star Trek Picard has absolutely no chance of failing and neither does this buy.

80. The Real USS Enterprise

You may or may not have known this, but the USS Enterprise is actually patrolling the seas right now as a nuclear carrier. Get this incredible gift for a true Star Trek fan!

79. Star Trek Nemesis & DS9 Costume

This looks incredibly cool but judging by the reviews, I recommend visiting a tailor for refitting anything you buy for cosplay purposes. Perhaps Elim Garak – you’ll find him on the Promenade on DS9.

78. Star Trek: USS Enterprise Bottle Opener

Entry 1 in your Star Trek kitchen accessories collection. Scroll down to numbers 67, 43, and 25 to see the rest.

77. Borg Drone Action Figure

Buy a Borg drone. Resistance is futile!

76. Picard & Riker 2020

Getting into the realm of bumper stickers again – show your support for Star Trek by getting this sticker.

75. Rubie’s Next Generation Star Trek Phaser

The best Star Trek phaser replica available. Get yours!

74. Picard, Data, & Gerodi Wooden Figures

Aren’t these just the cutest? Bonus points since they’re made of wood so no plastic whatsoever.

73. Kirk & Spock 2020 Magnetic Bumper Sticker

If you prefer the old school due – sure thing. Here’s a sticker for Kirk and Spock too! Although I don’t know if I’d trust Kirk as POTUS.

72. Star Trek The Next Generation Mini Fridge

This just looks cool. You can pretend it’s a replicator and make a whoosh sound right before you pull something from it.

71. Darmok & Jalad at Tanagra Bumper Sticker

Move over Kirk, Spock, Picard, & Riker. I’m putting my money on Darmok & Jalad!

70. Next Generation Metal Communicator PIN

This metal communicator pin in the style of TNG is honestly the best replica in terms of colors, but reviewers say the size is a bit off. There’s another option at number 44.

69. Gul Dukat 9 Inch Fully Articulated Action Figure

Probably the most complex villain of all time – hands down.

68. Enterprise The Complete Series DVD Box Set

Enterprise gets a lot of hate but honestly the whole Xindi Temporal Cold War plotline is one of the best in all of Trek. Change my mind! This one’s so low on the list because there’s no Blu-ray out yet.

67. Star Trek: Klingon Bird of Prey Corkscrew

Entry number 2 in your Star Trek kitchen accessories collection. See the others at numbers 78, 43, and 35.

66. Enterprise Captain Jonathan Archer Action Figure

Captain Jonathan Archer – one of the most famous captains in Trek history and the only one that spent a whole episode complaining about his chair.

65. Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Blu-ray

Number 65 only because just one season is out on blu-ray as of this writing.

  • star trek discovery Star Trek Discovery Seasons 1 and 2 Review - Commander - this is awkward. I'm here to bring you my Star Trek Discovery season 1 and season 2 review under regulation 19 of the "you have to read this" Starfleet code of conduct. Relive the coolest moments, best performances, and mind-blowing VFX shots! Engage.

64. DS9 Captain Benjamin Sisko Action Figure

Captain Benjamin Sisko – also known as The Emissary to the Prophets, or The Sisko, or Javert but in space. A must-have in your collection.

63. Star Trek Enterprise Doctor Phlox Action Figure

Phlox was the best character in Enterprise. Change my mind!

62. Barbie Picard …?

Yes the company known for Barbie dolls and Ken dolls also makes a Jean-Luc Picard doll. Why? Because just like Barbies and Kens, Picard has absolutely no imperfections.

61. There’s Coffee In that Nebula! Travel Mug

As an avid coffee lover, the most inspiring thing about Captain Kathryn Janeway was her irrefutable and passionate love for coffee! Get this mug that illustrates just how far you’re willing to go for a cup of joe!

60. Official Starships #2: Klingon Bird of Prey

The iconic ship design will be a great addition to your collection and actually this is the start of the Official Starships Collection on our list. So many great ones to come!

59. Star Trek Enterprise T-Pol Action Figure

T’Pol was a fan favorite in Enterprise and we all know why. #JusticeforTrip

58. Star Trek Shipyards Starships Encyclopedia

Before you start building up your Official Starships Collection, get this book to accompany it!

57. Revell 48 cm U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Model Kit

If you or a friend love building starship models – this is the perfect gift. I’ve only added it so low on the list because it’s a build your own thing kind of Star Trek gift and a lot of people still don’t like that.

56. Captain Kirk Vinyl Bust

I actually have a bust vinyl figure of Spock (not available anymore) from this series. I have to say they’re VERY easy to break. So I took off some points because of that. Still a cool gift, just handle with care.

55. Mega Bloks Star Trek Klingon D7 Battle Cruiser

The Mega Blocks Star Trek sets are really cool because you can use them together, they’re easy to assemble, and look very cool!

54. Official Starships: USS Kerala NCC-1255

For some reason the Official Starships Collection also features the USS Kerala from Discovery. And I’m all for that! It looks stunning.

53. Monopoly Klingon – Bilingual (Klingon/English)

Relish in the defeat of your cowardly enemies with this Monopoly set that has Klingon etchings on it.

52. Star Trek TOS Bluetooth Communicator

The Star Trek TOS Bluetooth communicator is a great idea and it works serviceably well. It’s just the sound quality that makes it not the best. Still an incredible gift I would happily receive.

51. Star Trek Locutus of Borg Latex Mask

The stuff of nightmares! Amazon users recommend cutting off the Borg parts and using some sort of safe glue to stick them to your face.

50. Michael Burnham Space Suit 1:8 Scale Statue

Regardless of your thoughts on Michael Burnham, you have to admit this statue looks incredible.

49. Elim Garak Collectible Figure

Enter my favorite Cardassian in all of Star Trek – and yours too, I presume. Get this action figure of the simple tailor right now!

48. Hallmark Itty Bittys Lieutenant Commander Data Plushie

Daww – isn’t this plushie of Data just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Look at that little smile!

47. Star Trek Deep Space Nine The Complete Series DVD Box Set

The most morally ambiguous of all Star Trek series – Deep Space Nine. Own all the seasons now on DVD. I just wish they released the Blu-ray already.

46. Star Trek Voyager The Complete Series DVD Box Set

Get sent halfway across the galaxy and struggle to get back while doing all the side quests that pop up on the map. Basically, Voyager in a nutshell.

45. Hallmark Itty Bittys Picard and Worf Plushie

I take that back, Data isn’t the cutest, this is the cutest. Picard and Worf look like BFFs here and honestly why not?

44. Star Trek The Next Generation AUTHENTIC Metal Uniform Pin

We were talking about this one earlier – this metal pin is authentic. The only thing that’s a little off is the color. But it seems weird that some reviewers got the right colors. I order you to investigate, Commander.

43. Star Trek: USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Entry number 3 in your Star Trek kitchen accessories collection. Don’t forget to look for the other ones at numbers 78, 67, and 35.

42. Star Trek Redshirt Messenger Bag

Comes in yellow and blue too – if you’re superstitious or just a little titious.

41. Star Trek Light and Sound Borg Cube (Miniature)

Don’t be discouraged by the bad photo. It looks a lot better in real life. Honestly, they should hire one guy to do all the product photos for all the Star Trek products again.

40. Star Trek Transporter Head Changing Mug

One of the coolest mugs I’ve ever seen! Once you pour in a hot liquid, the crew of the Enterprise beams over on an alien planet.

39. Mega Bloks Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Collector Construction Set with LED Light

This Mega Blocks kit also comes with LED lights making it one of the few Star Trek gifts that actually light up!

38. Star Trek The Official Starships Collection: Klingon V’orcha Class

The original Klingon ship that first appeared in the Original Series. The V’orcha class of Klingon ships isn’t known for its beautiful design, but for its ruthlessness when defeating enemies in glorious battle.

37. Star Trek: Light-and-Sound Miniature Tricorder

This little Tricorder is a really good replica of the actual tricorders. It even does stuff. I don’t understand what type of scans you’re performing, but it performs them.

36. Star Trek Next Generation Bluetooth Communicator Badge

Out of all the TNG style communicators, this is probably the one I’d go for just because of its cool functions.

35. Star Trek: USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter BLACK

Entry number 4 in your Star Trek kitchen accessories collection – the same pizza cutter but black. I’d personally go for this one! Beware that these things are dangerous! Don’t forget to check out the previous entries at numbers 43, 67, and 78.

34. QMX Locutus of Borg Mini Figure

The first time I got a Locutus action figure I recreated the scene where he first appears and posted it on Facebook. It wasn’t this one, but I still nerded out over it! Haha.

33. Star Trek The Official Starships Collection: USS Shenzhou

The Shenzhou is a beautiful ship – I was sad it went away so quickly. Alas, we can only sit here and buy the official entry in the collection!

32. Scotty Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

Buy this action figure to honor the memory of the great James Doohan!

31. Star Trek Discovery Section 31 MAGNET Pin

Okay so here goes – I’m including the Star Trek Discovery pins so high up on the list just because they look amazing!

30. Star Trek Discovery Command Badge MAGNET Pin

I mean look at the details on this one. I personally have this and it’s amazing – the magnets are very strong and it will never fall off. I sometimes wear it to work like a true fan.

29. Revell 51.4 cm USS Voyager Model Kit

I love the Voyager ship design and this Revell model kit is easier to handle than the Enterprise – which is why it’s so high on the list!

28. Star Trek The Official Starships Collection #7: USS Defiant

Buy the Vessel of the Emissary today. Use it to go to the gamma quadrant and forget about human civilization for a while. I know I’d like to.

27. Picard Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

Obligatory Picard Funko Pop! is obligatory! Make it so!

26. Worf Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

It’s only above the Picard one because Worf is cuter than Picard. Change my mind.

25. Captain Kathryn Janeway Action Figure

Kathryn Janeway paved the way as the first woman captain with her own series, despite the 6 male executives always on set hoping for her to fail (according to Kate Mulgrew). Get this action figure of the most badass captain of the whole franchise!

24. Star Trek Voyager Communicator Badge MAGNET Pin

The most badass captain in all of Star Trek – Kathryn Janeway. Cause one or two time errors while you’re at it, no big deal, someone from the 29th century will come and fix it for you!

23. Star Trek The Official Starships Collection #8: USS Enterprise E

When I first saw the Enterprise E, it was the first time I wanted a model immediately. Just such a beautiful design.

22. Star Trek The Official Starships Collection: Romulan Warbird

THE Romulan Warbird. These ships were incredibly well-designed. Don’t be putt off by the odd color of the photo. It’s actually the correct color, the photo is just off.

21. Deep Space Nine Space Station Figurine

Hang this baby from your ceiling and then guard yourself against incoming Cardassians on their way to recapture Terok Nor for the billionth time.

20. Locutus of Borg Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

This was my first Star Trek merch item and I still love it! Also, it’s way cuter than the scary-looking action figure we’ve seen at number 34.

19. Star Trek The Official Starships Collection #5: USS Voyager

Again – one of the most beautiful ships in Trek. A must-have for anyone collecting the starships.

18. Star Trek Complete Original Series Blu-ray

Stunning quality – all Star Trek fans must own this. Those are the rules.

17. Star Trek The Next Generation Complete Series Blu-ray

This one too. Sorry commander, the rules clearly state that The Next Generation is universally liked by all Star Trek fans.

16. Star Trek The Official Starships Collection USS Enterprise NX-01

The NX-01 is above Voyager solely because of its historic significance to Starfleet. The first spacefaring Enterprise. Now that’s a milestone. And it’s a beautiful ship!

15. McFarlane Toys Star Trek Captain James T. Kirk Collectible Action Figure

MacFarlane toys really nailed the design of this. Impressive level of detail and the face looks so real!

14. Star Trek Discovery The Official Starships Collection #2: USS Discovery NCC-1031

A huge lot of people dislike the design of Star Trek Discovery’s lead shit – The Discovery – and honestly, I don’t understand why. It’s a superb ship and I’d be happy to have it in my collection if I had the money.

13. Spock Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

Mandatory Spock Funko Pop is mandatory!

12. McFarlane Toys – Captain Jean-Luc Picard Collectible Action Figure

The most British Frenchman ever – own his action figure now before the price jacks up one Star Trek Picard hits.

11. Star Trek The Official Starships Collection: USS Enterprise NCC-1701

The ship that started it all – the Enterprise NCC-1701. No Star Trek fan will hate this Star Trek gift.

10. Star Trek Classic Collector Figure Set on Bridge

This is one of the best sets you can buy if you’re looking for a recreation of the Original Star Trek’s bridge crew.

9. Star Trek The Official Starships Collection #1: USS Enterprise NCC-1701D

If the original Enterprise was the first love of many Trek fans, the Enterprise D is where it all turned into a serious relationship.

8. Mutated Tom Paris with the Three Space-Lizard Babies He Had with Mutated Janeway

Uhm. Yeah. I couldn’t resist putting this incredible find at number 8 on our list. Just phenomenal that such an obscure reference can be turned into an action figure. Just – perfection. This is my personal number one Star Trek gift.

7. Mega Bloks Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge Collector Construction Set

Pro tip: if you buy 4 of these, you get a complete bridge set plus quadruple bridge crew because well you can say some are from the Mirror Universe!

6. Star Trek Original Spock Action Figure

The best Spock action figure I could find. Seriously – check the reviews. It’s by far the coolest one.

5. Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D – Enterprise Replica Bluetooth Speaker, Engine Noise Sleep Machine

The number of functions on this is incredible. Mainly – it’s a Bluetooth speaker. But it’s also a sleep machine that generates white noise – specifically, the sound of the warp core. If you have the cash, go for it, you won’t regret it.

4. Star Trek Starfleet Officers Collectors Set

This is a great set – and they’re all in dress uniforms. The only downside is it’s missing two members for some inexplicable reason.

3. Star Trek 5 Captains Bobbles Set

Perfect for you to take at the office and calm your nerves by bopping the heads of the five original captains of Star Trek.

2. OMx Star Trek Picard Articulated 1:6 Scale Figure

Quantum Mechanics make incredibly real, licensed Star Trek gifts. And this Picard figure is truly out of this world. It even comes with tea, interchangeable hands, and a lot more accessories.

1. Klingon Bat’leth 1:1 Scale Prop Replica

As for the number one Star Trek gift on our list – we’ve got an official Roddenberry licensed Klingon Bat’leth. Ward off home invaders like a true Klingon with this Bat’leth that’s 1:1 scale.


Commander, I’m heartbroken that we’ve reached the end of our journey. Still, our love for Star Trek will continue to bind us in this unbreakable fandom. Find out more about my love for Trek by reading my articles. And let me know which of these you liked best. Let’s have a chat about them space-lizard babies. I’m all Vulcan ears. LLAP 🖖

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