August 14, 2019
20+ Star Trek Discovery Funny Moods and Incredible Moments

Star Trek’s fresh iteration Discovery may be all about alternate realities, spore networks, crystals… erm, TIME crystals, and all that technobabble. But between the moments of action & drama lie other gems – funny ones or memorable VFX ones.

I’m here to get you up to speed on the GIFs you can use in conversations with people and leave them like “whaaaaaat…?” because obviously none of your friends watch Star Trek. Otherwise, you wouldn’t need this reminder… RIGHT?!


1. This Reaction GIF – courtesy of Jett Reno

Tig Notaro’s character is the queen of deadpan humor. Much like herself in her standup routine. Just saying – no criticism here. So what if they’re basically the same, but one’s a space engineer & gearhead? We got things like this GIF to be grateful for.

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When a friend says OMG like something terrible happened, but it turns out their milk went bad or something along those lines.

2. When You Know You F-ed Up – courtesy of Gabriel Lorca

The second season was arguably a lot better than the first. But the first had its moments – like this one from *clears throat* Captain Lorca, played by the incredibly charming Jason Isaacs.


When you see no other possible way out of an argument, I.E., you done F-ed up.

3. Everybody Hates You – courtesy of Emperor Georgiou

There’s a serious fight going on off-screen between Jett Reno and Emperor Georgiou because they’re both killing it with one-liners. Like this one. The group chats imma gonna use this in – I can just imagine everyone laughing at me because I made an obscure reference relatable. HAHA. Please watch Star Trek.


In group chats when someone says something that *everyone dislikes*

4. This Corridor Fight Scene – courtesy of the Star Trek VFX Team and Choreographers

What do you get when you combine the incredible Michelle Yeoh and sci-fi? Probably this wacky gravity-malfunction corridor fight which she’s confessed was her most fun fight scene ever and the most complicatedly choreographed. And that’s coming from THE Michelle Yeoh – one of the baddest fighters in the movie industry with numerous kung-fu movies under her belt.


??? too obscure

5. When Someone Sets an Absurd Deadline – again, Jett Reno

An obvious callback to Scotty in The Original Series, Tig Notaro only delivers it perfectly – which, you know, no biggie.


When they tell you to do an 8-hour task in 3 hours.

6. When Someone Complains about a Task – courtesy of Cristopher Pike

Now if you’re on the receiving end of that previous GIF, this is the perfect response. NOT ONLY do you own their a**, but you’re also setting up a great rapport with your employee.

A boss and an employee exchanging Star Trek GIFs? Haha! Now that’s sci-fi material.

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When you need someone to do something on the double.

7. Your Response to Your Boss – courtesy of Keyla Detmer

Order given, order received. Aye, sir. Prompting the immediate response: “what’s she got on her head?” – Cybernetic implants, duh.

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When you need to keep your job.

8. Warp Chase – courtesy of the Star Trek VFX Team

Classic warp effect – not much to be said except that it looks like a million bucks.


When your boo asks you to come over.

9. Time Will Tell – courtesy of Tenavik

Because nobody says anything like a white, old Klingon can say it. Menacing. Obscure. And a bit of a pun.


To confuse your enemies after they make absurd predictions.

10. The Perfect “Iunno” GIF – courtesy of Number One

Rebecca Romijn, aka the OG Mystique, has been hailed as perfect for this role and fans are holding their breaths for a Captain Pike spinoff with her and Ethan Peck as Spock.


The face you make/send when someone asks you a question you have no idea how to answer.

11. Imma Kill-a-b***h Mode Engaged – courtesy of Airiam

It may be menacing or downright upsetting – but it accurately describes precisely how I feel when someone’s getting on my nerves. Fun fact: two women have played Airiam throughout the series. Sarah Mitich in the first season, Hannah Cheesman in the second one. Mitich then went on to take the role of Lt. Nilsson, and that’s all I’m saying (game-changing spoiler world here).


To express anger or deep resentment with the intention of causing physical harm.

12. For Your Arch-nemesis: XOXO – courtesy of Michael Burnham

Michael Burnham has countless reasons not to trust Emperor Georgiou. This blink-and-you’ll-miss-it line perfectly captures their relationship.

You can see what Sonequa’s up to by following her partially-active Twitter:



13. Am I Dead? – courtesy of Paul Stamets

Paul Stamets entering the mycelial network is one of the most beautiful sequences in Star Trek Disco. It also makes for a perfect reaction GIF for when you’re in awe.

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When experiencing something so beautiful or magical that you cannot describe otherwise.

14. The “Cocoon” Follow-shot in Effing Space – courtesy of the Star Trek VFX Team

Cinematographers love them some follow-shots and for a good reason. The scene in Game of Thrones where Bronn races to get to the Scorpion while Dany burns their army is incredibly intense precisely because it’s a follow-shot.

But they’re insanely difficult to pull off since everything has to go right in one continuous take. Star Trek said – “Hold my Cardassian Kanar!” and proceeded to do one IN SPACE. I was blown away.


Nah, just if you want to get someone into Trek… maybe.

15. For When You’re Opening Up – courtesy of Saru

Doug Jones needs an Emmy for this. I said it, and I stand by it. This one line comes at a very intriguing moment in the series. It’s all I’m saying.

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When you’re down, and you’re opening up with your BFF.

16. When You’re Trying to Convince Someone to Watch Trek – courtesy of Cristopher Pike

Alternate title: when you’re trying to convince someone to give up their social life for three months and binge 32 seasons of television. Yup. But Starfleet IS a promise.


As a motivational quote… wherever, but it might be very obscure in regular conversations.

17. For Leaders – courtesy of Saru

When you feel the need to go that extra step in order to inspire your coworkers and/or friends in a team.


Before or after your team pursues something worthy of praise.

18. Oh What the Frick – courtesy of Sylvia Tilly

Tilly in this show is all of us. Literally, this is how excited I would be to be in space. So excited that I would be too flabbergasted to say f*#k in front of my captain.

Mary Wiseman’s also on Twitter! She recently got scared by a rat in her New York apartment:


When texting with your parents?

19. Permission Granted – courtesy of Saru

It was a nice touch to see Saru so assertive after the thing happened with the thing. This is part of a very emotional plot point, and I’m not gonna give it away for my editor and team even if they won’t ever watch the show. Not gonna risk it.


When someone asks you for permission, obviously.

20. For Frenemies – courtesy of Stamets and Reno

Really can’t wait to see more of these two next season. They’re so funny, and their chemistry’s too good.


When you suddenly agree with your sworn enemy, or when they do something noble that you can’t hate them for – people are complex.

So That’s It?

Maybe. We’ll probably update this once season 3 premieres, but until then – get off my a**. Sir. Get off my a**, sir (there’s no gif of this one yet).

BONUS GIF: First Gay Kiss on Star Trek because It’s just too Cute

Courtesy of the WRITERS! Honestly – there were so many bad directions they could’ve gone with Stamets and Dr. Culber being the first gay couple on Trek – but they did it perfectly. Both of them are their own persons; they’re not just “the gays” as is the trope in a good amount of LGBTQ representations in the media. They’re not overly-sexualized, and not sexualized like it’s a bad thing, as with two other tropes.

And they’re both excellent at their jobs, thoroughly interesting in their own right; the gay couple thing is just a normal side-note – AS IT SHOULD BE BECAUSE THIS IS THE 23RD CENTURY DAMMIT. And this first kiss was super cute especially because it’s soppy PDA AF. Haha.

Oh, oh and did I mention their story arcs so far? I didn’t and I won’t but DAMN. All I’m saying. Spoil it in the comments, and we can talk there. You can also follow Dr. Culber – Wilson Cruz – on Twitter. He’s very active and kind to people! And he’s also on the cover of the annual LGBTQ issue of Entertainment Weekly – talk about success!

EXTRA-BONUS GIF – Perfect Way to End an Article:

Don’t forget to follow Star Trek on all social media accounts – seriously. If we want to detract the haters and naysayers, we have to scream into the internet how much we love this show. LLAP 🖖

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