November 18, 2019

15 Best Stranger Things Gifts for Dedicated Fans of the Upside Down

Stranger Things season 3 might have come and gone, but our love for the characters and the town of Hawkins hasn’t faded one bit. And you know what that means: we need some awesome merch and Stranger Things gifts to buy for ourselves and our friends.

So, to give you something to do until the next season hits, I have scoured the internet and found 15 of the best Stranger Things gifts and merchandise that you must own if you’re a real fan.

Note: These items are all fulfilled by and are subject to availability.

The Best Stranger Things Gifts for the Dedicated Fan

1. Stranger Things Monopoly

What makes this game a special gift for Stranger Things fans is the little nuances that have been added: 4 pieces related to the show “ripped from the upside-down,” giving you the possibility to play with up to 8 players. A show that is built on families and community, this is the perfect companion for your favorite show.

2. Eleven and Demogorgon Funko Pop

If you’re like me, you have Vinyl Pops littered all-around your house. So like me, you’ll want this one as well, immortalizing the iconic scene that ended a fantastic first season, in Vinyl Pop form, like a piece of geek-art to be heralded through the ages. It will look perfect next to your Steve vs the Demodog Vinyl Pop.

3. Stranger Things Eggo Card Game

Fans of the popular card game Uno and Stranger Things will love this. Fans of Eggos, not so much (not edible). You each play as one of the characters from the show and the aim of the game is to try to escape the Upside Down before the Demogorgon attacks. But, players beware, one wrong move can result in catastrophe for you but elation for your opponents.

4. Demogorgon Plush Soft Toy

Is it cold outside? Are you feeling lonely? Do you want some company? Then why not put on your favorite Netflix Original Series and cuddle up with your favorite demonic creature from the Upside Down?! It’s soft and cuddly and all yours…honestly, the Demogorgon has never been cuter.

5. Stranger Things Backpack

So it has finally happened. You became totally obsessed and have been booted out of your home, but you don’t care because it gives you a chance to use your new backpack to put all your favorite merchandise in, and this one, with a great quote from the show, is perfect for that.

6. Stranger Things Watercolor Wall Art Prints

Here we have four beautifully designed pieces, each depicting a scene from the show, featuring all of your favorite characters. They each measure 8×10 inches and will look lovely in your home, bringing a sense of style to the place, or just covering up unsightly screw holes.

7. Stranger Things Enter The Upside Down Door Mat

What would a new home be without a brand new doormat themed after your favorite hell-like nightmare world, the Upside Down?

A dirty one!

Yep, this housewarming gift is so great I made a joke instead of telling you more about it, as it sells itself.

8. Stranger Things Ouija Board Game

BOO! Did I scare you? If I did, then you should probably skip this one as your fragile nerves won’t be able to handle it. This has all the great features of a regular edition Ouija board game – planchette, gameboard, instructions – but with the added bonus that it’s Stranger Things themed.

*Disclaimer: will not be held responsible for any person or persons getting trapped in the Upside Down…play at your own risk.

9. Stranger Things Chief Hopper Action Figure

In the box, you get season 1 Hopper in his standard sheriff uniform, complete with accessories in the form of a coffee cup, his pistol and holster, and, of course, his hat. He is fully poseable and will provide you with hours of fun. Unless you are one of those people who keep things in the box…

10. Stranger Things Music Vinyl

This is beautifully presented and chock full of 80’s hits, interspersed with instrumentals and clips from the show, and neatly bookended by Will Byers softly singing The Clash’s “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”. Whether to listen to or display in a bigger collection, it’s a must-have among Stranger Things gifts for dedicated fans.

11. Stranger Things Badge Set

For the person who loves covering any and all fabric with pin badges, these will be a perfect purchase. The set consists of five badges, each depicting a favorite scene or a popular quote from the show. They would be perfect pinned all over your Stranger Things backpack (number five on my list).

12. Stranger Things Coasters

If you are someone who is always drinking tea or coffee while watching your favorite Netflix Original Series but don’t want to leave any unsightly ring-marks everywhere, then these are the best Stranger Things gifts for you. Each one says “Welcome to Hawkins” and is finished beautifully, making you wish you could have a hot drink all the time.

13. Stranger Things Novel

This is the first official Stranger Things novel and so enters the show’s official canon. The story takes place long before the events of season one and follows Eleven’s mother at the beginning stages of the MKUltra experiments with the evil Dr. Martin Brenner, portrayed on screen by the brilliant Matthew Modine.

14. Stranger Things Official Behind-the-Scenes Companion

First off, I love how this has been designed to look like a used book, complete with a secondhand bookstore sticker on it. It is the official behind-the-scenes companion, filled with glossy pictures and sections about the actors, the set designs, random facts, and to top it off, a whole section (albeit small) that is upside down. This is a must buy when looking for unique Stranger Things gifts.

15. The Upside Down Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

To round off this list is something we all love to hate, but this one is designed specifically with Stranger Things in mind. It has iconography from the show interspersed with Christmas trees, the words Merry Christmas are upside down (as is the bottom half of the sweater), and at the bottom we have the Demogorgon chasing Will. Get it early to be ready for the holidays.


While this list is extensive, to be honest, I have only just scratched the surface of Stranger Things gifts you can buy. Many of you reading this will probably already own some if not most of these items, and if not, you are currently heading toward poverty for buying them all.

If I had to choose a favorite it would be a tie between Eleven and the Demogorgon Funko Pop and the set of 4 Stranger Things Watercolor Prints. Both are stunning pieces of merchandise and overall great Stranger Things gifts for any fan. I think I may go broke before I finish this article.

Don’t forget to check out season three of Stranger Things from the 4th of July on Netflix. Here’s something to help you keep track of the premiere.

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