The 15 States People Are Fighting To Leave ASAP


Ever wonder where folks are packing up and heading out? From coast to coast, people are on the move, seeking new adventures, better opportunities, or maybe just a change of scenery.

Whether it’s the lure of big cities or the call of the countryside, find out which states are saying goodbye to old neighbors and welcoming in a wave of fresh faces.

Get ready for a journey through the States people are leaving behind – the reasons might just surprise you!

New York: The High Cost of Living


New York has long been known for its high cost of living, especially in New York City. Rent, groceries, and other everyday stuff are often more expensive here than elsewhere. Some folks find it hard to afford living here, especially if they’re not making much money.

Another reason is the crowdedness. New York City is bustling with people, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. Plus, with the COVID-19 pandemic, many people realized they could work from home, so they moved to quieter places where they could have more space.

California: Economic and Environmental Concerns

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Many people are leaving California because it’s getting too expensive to live there.

Rent and housing prices keep increasing, making it hard for regular folks to afford a place to live. Also, there are problems with wildfires and droughts, which can be scary and dangerous. Some folks are also frustrated with the traffic and crowded cities, feeling like there’s insufficient space to breathe.

So, they decide to move to other states where it’s cheaper and maybe not as hectic.

Illinois: Economic Struggles and Political Unrest

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Illinois faces economic challenges, high taxes, and political instability. Chicago, in particular, has witnessed a population decline due to these factors.

Also, job opportunities might not be as good as in other places, so some folks move to find better work. Another thing is the weather; winters can be harsh, with lots of snow and cold temperatures, which some people don’t like.

And finally, some folks are worried about the state’s financial problems, like budget issues and pension debt. These combined reasons make some people leave Illinois for greener pastures elsewhere.

New Jersey: High Taxes and Cost of Living

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People are bailing from New Jersey for various reasons. One big reason is the high cost of living. Everything from housing to groceries can be more expensive here than elsewhere. Taxes are also a burden for many residents.

Some folks also mention the crowded and busy lifestyle as a factor – they prefer quieter and more spacious living environments. Overall, it’s a combination of factors like cost, job prospects, and lifestyle preferences causing people to pack up and leave the Garden State.

Connecticut: Economic Stagnation

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Connecticut has been experiencing economic stagnation, leading to job losses and a lack of new opportunities. This has prompted many residents to move to states with more robust economies.

Massachusetts: Balancing Education and Affordability

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Massachusetts, known for its prestigious educational institutions, also has high living costs. This makes it difficult for graduates and young professionals to settle there long-term.

Pennsylvania: Industrial Decline

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Pennsylvania’s traditional industries have declined, affecting job availability and economic stability, leading many to relocate for better opportunities.

Maryland: High Cost of Living and Taxes

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With its proximity to Washington D.C., Maryland has a high cost of living and tax burden. This financial pressure is a significant factor in its resident exodus.

Michigan: The Auto Industry and Economic Shifts

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Once the heart of the American auto industry, Michigan has faced economic shifts, leading to job losses and population decline, particularly in cities like Detroit.

Louisiana: Environmental and Economic Challenges

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Louisiana’s struggles with environmental issues, like hurricanes, coastal erosion, and economic challenges, have led to a population decline.

Ohio: Industrial Changes

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Ohio has been affected by the decline of traditional manufacturing industries, resulting in job losses and a stagnant economy, prompting residents to move.

Indiana: Seeking Diverse Opportunities


While having a stable economy, Indiana sees residents leaving for states offering more diverse and lucrative job opportunities.

Wisconsin: Economic Shifts

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Wisconsin faces similar challenges to its Midwestern neighbors, with industrial decline leading to a search for better opportunities elsewhere.

Minnesota: Climate and Economic Factors


Minnesota’s harsh winters and economic factors are reasons why some residents choose to relocate to states with milder climates and growing economies.