August 30, 2019
Which Marvel Character Are You?

Are you brainy like Shuri, loyal like Captain America or, well…strange like Doctor Strange? Take our quiz to find out which Marvel character are you and share the results with your other Marvel-loving friends.

1. Choose a Book!

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hunger games book cover
miss peregrine's home for peculiar children book cover
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me talk pretty one day book cover

2. What Trait Do You Prize Most?

3. Pick a TV Show!

4. What’s Your Favorite Season?

5. Are You Spiritual?

6. Choose an Ice Cream!

7. What Hogwarts House Do You Belong to?

Marvel Characters
Black Widow

which marvel character are you black widow

You got Black Widow! Assassin. Super-spy. Master martial artist. In other words, you’re one of the most badass Avengers around. Known for pummeling evildoers, exuding powerful confidence, and being an empathetic friend, you’re formidable both physically and mentally.
Ms. Marvel

which marvel character are you ms marvel

You got Ms. Marvel! Like Kamala Khan, you embrace your geeky side, fiercely love your friends and family, and bravely tackle whatever obstacles come your way. You believe in doing everything you can to help others and bring about positive change to your community and the world.
Rocket Raccoon

which marvel character are you rocket

You got Rocket Raccoon! This furry gun-toting Guardian of the Galaxy packs some serious heat and can throw down the sickest burns. You’re known for your wisecracking ways, fighting spirit, and ferocity defending the cosmos and your closest friends.

which marvel character are you shuri

You got Shuri! You’re a quick-thinking, tech-savvy inventor known for your brilliance and intuition. Whether it’s outfitting warrior women in Wakanda or taking on the mantle of Black Panther, you’re known for your diplomacy and determination.
Miles Morales

which marvel character are you miles morales

You got Miles Morales, Earth-1610’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! You’re creative, well-liked, and dedicated to defending your family, friends, and community. You’re unafraid to take a leap of faith and push boundaries.
Squirrel Girl

which marvel character are you squirrel girl

You got Squirrel Girl! You kick butts, eat nuts, and have a tail that when folded into yoga pants gives you a bodacious booty. You’re a kindhearted, enthusiastic friend and a fearless fighter with a knack for busting baddies with both words and squirrelly action!
Captain America

which marvel character are you captain america

You got Captain America! You face danger head-on with your trusty shield and are fueled by a sense of unwavering loyalty, justice, and morality. You always aim to do the right thing, even if it’s not the most popular decision, especially when it comes to protecting your friends and innocent civilians.
Doctor Strange

which marvel character are you dr strange

You got Doctor Strange! The magic-wielding Sorcerer Supreme of New York’s Sanctum is renowned for his genius intellect and mastery of the mystic arts. You’re insightful, patient, and have a keen awareness of what’s hidden beneath the surface.

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