12 Embarrassing Things We Used To Do As Kids…And Still Do


Ever reminisced about the silly antics of childhood that still manage to sneak into our lives today?

From secret handshake fails to awkward dance moves, these timeless moments will have you nodding in agreement and laughing at the quirks that connect us all.

1. Video Games

Girl playing video game

Remember the simpler times? When your days would be spent bumping heads on crates and mushrooms in the world of Super Mario. These nostalgic memories of our youthful gaming adventures resonate with us as adults. Many find that the love of video games has endured into their grown-up lives. With advanced games like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike, the options now are endless.

2. Worrying About Acne

Woman having acne

One of my worst high school memories of all time is having to deal with acne and acne scars that make you feel like you’re not attractive enough. However, acne is common among adults as well. Since the skin condition is a result of stress and hormonal shifts, people still struggle to manage it at a much older age. Don’t worry, though. Embrace your imperfections and live life like a boss.

3. Cartoons

Man watching TV

Hours were spent in front of the TV, watching Tom chasing after Jerry or Mickey and his friends enjoying their clubhouse, yet they’re still just as good today. Whenever you start watching them, you’re slapped in the face by a wave of nostalgia, and it reminds you of the simpler times of your past. Even Netflix has these age-old cartoons on its platform.

4. Fan Fiction

Cosplayers and fans

Remember when everyone was head over heels for Justin Bieber and One Direction? It used to run so deep as there was so much fan fiction and speculation about the superstars that kids consumed daily. But that era is not behind us yet, as fan fiction is still pretty popular, even if the players have changed.

5. Aversion to Social Events


Parents dragging their kids to annoying social gatherings has always been the standard. But who knew we’d grow up to hate them even more? The gruesome crime of being an introvert is one of the biggest reasons why events are still a nuisance and will always be one. They’re mentally and physically draining, so why bother going to them in the first place?

6. Procrastination

Bored woman at job Shutterstock

When chores seem impossible, every child will run as far away from them as possible. But, unfortunately, the threat of being grounded is enough to make them stop procrastinating, get up, and complete the work. As adults, there’s no one to relay the consequences, which makes this an even bigger issue than it once was.

7. Goth Culture of the ’90s

Woman wearing Wednesday dress

Featuring mini skirts, skinny jeans, and a ton of black, the goth culture was booming in the ’90s. Punk fashion was a significant hit, going from underground to a more mainstream setting. Surprisingly, it is still popular today, with people getting back into all sorts of funky accessories and clothes to try to emulate the same fashion sense. Being able to express yourself entirely is a gift not everyone gets.

8. Reading Comics

Father and son reading book

For those of you who think that comic culture is in the past, let me tell you, it isn’t. When there was little social media and fewer screens, people loved flipping through comics and watching their favorite superheroes come to life. As an adult, many still love the idea of collecting vintage editions. We even have an annual comic con for all those geeky people wanting to dress up as fictional characters.

9. Legos


Lego sets were a significant part of every childhood, with kids making complex little structures and buildings while having a blast. They are still a considerable sensation, with stores lined up with the product. From multiple games on Steam to an entire Lego world and using your phone to move Lego bots, it’s safe to say that even adults enjoy it.

10. Fear of Public Speaking

Woman with anxiety

As a child, you’re afraid of going up on the stage and speaking in a giant sea of people. But this fear doesn’t always go away with time. The older you get, the harder it gets because you start to care more about how other people see you, which makes you even more spooked than you were. As the quote goes, the only way to get better is to keep trying.

11. Daydreaming

Man thinking and smiling

Sitting in the car on the way home from school, I would conjure fake scenarios in my head, completely lost in the depths of my brain. Even to this day, the concept of daydreaming is something every adult experiences. Making up fictional storylines can help you cope with the stress of everyday life.

12. Metal Music

Bearded man hearing music

Heavy metal was an anthem for kids back in the day. Rocking and rolling to every metal song like there’s no tomorrow made childhood light and enjoyable. These core memories were so precious that they also followed us to adulthood. Metal music is still a popular niche enjoyed by people across the globe.