Terms of Use

In the Terms of Use outlined below, you will learn the rules and regulations that this website, GeekForTheWin, and its services are subjected to, as well as the terms under which our visitors may interact with our website.


Please read the following document carefully. If there is anything in it that you do not agree with, you should cease to use our website. Your use of the GeekForTheWin website illustrates your agreement to these terms.

To learn more about our data gathering practices and the way we use personally-identifiable information, visit our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions related to these Terms of Use, reach out to us via our contact page.

License and Copyright Rules

Most of the content on this website is the property of the GeekForTheWin team. When this is not the case, we will specify it in a clear and visible manner. Our content is protected by international copyright laws, and it is for personal use only. You are allowed to temporarily download one copy of the materials found on our website, if you do so for personal viewing. This is a simple license grant, and not a transfer of title.

The license forbids you to:

  1. Change the material in any way.
  2. Remove copyright and proprietary notations from it.
  3. Use it for public display (commercial and non-commercial).
  4. Use it for a commercial purpose.
  5. Transfer it to another person.
  6. Upload it on a different server.If you do any of these things, we will terminate your license immediately. Also, you will have to destroy any copy of the material you might have, be it in an electronic or printed format.

You are forbidden from reusing or referencing our content without having our permission, and without crediting the original source in a way that is visible and clear. We reserve the right not to provide a user with permission to do so without having to justify our decision.

Feel free to use one or two of the images on our website (without alteration), if you agree to credit them and link back to our website. However, you are prohibited from using a bulk of our photos, no matter the purposes, be it a roundup, photo gallery, or landing page, even if you credit them. Get in touch with us if you want to use more than two photos from our website.

User Conduct

We welcome discussions on our website in the comments section or anywhere else where users can share their thoughts and opinions. However, if you want to be part of our community, you must abide by these user conduct rules:

  1. You cannot use hate speech of any kind.
  2. You cannot use vulgar language.
  3. You are not permitted to share promotional material.
  4. You are not permitted to share racist, pornographic, violent, or otherwise offensive material.Any user who does not abide by these rules will be banned immediately. Harassment, collecting a user’s personal information, or attempting to damage our website in any way is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. A ban will follow any of the above-mentioned attempts, as well as legal action, if necessary.

If you notice any suspicious and/or illegal activities being performed on our website, you are asked to notify the website administrators immediately. We appreciate your cooperation.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Our website, GeekForTheWin, participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Through this affiliate advertising program, we earn a fee by providing links to products featured on Amazon.com.

The products featured or reviewed on this website are products we promote in the form of an affiliate link. Every time someone purchases one of the products we feature through the affiliate link, the owner of this website receives a small commission. However, we do not allow this affiliation to affect the way in which we review the products, or their price.

We strive to create a website that contains accurate information only. That said, this website’s administrators and the distributor, produces, and affiliated agents of the products featured on GeekForTheWin cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies that may occur.

Limitations of Liability

The content on GeekForTheWin is created for informational and review purposes only. If a user brings any damage upon themselves as a result of their use of the content on this website, the GeekForTheWin team is not to be held responsible.

You will find links to external high-authority sources in most of our articles. That said, we cannot control and are not responsible for the information that these sources choose to provide. The most we can do is update the links in our articles as often as possible, to ensure the accuracy and quality of the information.

If you choose to access any of the external links on our website, you will be taken to a different website with different terms and conditions that you should read. The present Terms of Use only apply to the GeekForTheWin website.

Changes to These Terms of Use

The GeekForTheWin team can make changes to the present Terms of Use at any time, without notifying the user beforehand. Anyone who wishes to use our website and its services is kindly asked to check back to this page as often as they can. That way, they will make sure they are up to date with any modifications we might have made to our terms and conditions. By continuing to use this website after the modifications have taken place, you agree to abide by the current version of our Terms of Use.

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