16 Things You Might Do Every Day That Are Against The Law


Believe it or not, many things you do daily are illegal.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, people often engage in behaviors that may be illegal. While some of these actions might seem innocuous or are commonly overlooked, they still fall under the purview of the law.

Let’s talk about 16 activities surprisingly against the law in various jurisdictions.

Junk Mail Trespassing

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Putting flyers in someone else’s mailbox is illegal because it violates the United States Postal Service (USPS) rules. Mailboxes are considered private property. Only the USPS and the mailbox owner have the right to use them.

Putting flyers in someone else’s mailbox without permission can disrupt the postal system and lead to confusion. To keep things organized and ensure the proper delivery of mail, it’s important to respect the rules about using mailboxes and find other ways to share information, like handing out flyers in person or using designated public spaces.

Overworking Employees

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Overworking employees is against the law because it can harm people and isn’t fair. Laws exist to make sure everyone is treated well at work. When people work too much, they might get tired, stressed, and sick. Having time for rest and a balance between work and life is important.



Crossing the street away from a designated crosswalk or against a traffic signal is illegal in many cities. This law is in place to prevent accidents and ensure pedestrian safety.

Downloading Pirated Content

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Downloading pirated content is illegal because it involves downloading movies, music, or other digital content without permission from the creators.

Imagine you spend a lot of time and effort creating something cool, like a song or a movie. When people download it without paying or getting your permission, it’s like taking something that doesn’t belong to them. It’s unfair to the creators because they worked hard and deserve recognition.

Piracy also hurts industries and can lead to job losses because if people don’t pay for the stuff they enjoy, it becomes tough for creators to keep making more awesome things for everyone to enjoy. So, it’s important to respect creators’ hard work and support them by paying for the content you love.



Discarding trash on the ground or out of a car window might seem minor, but it’s illegal due to its harmful environmental impact. Many areas impose hefty fines for littering.

Using a Fake ID


Young adults often use fake IDs to purchase alcohol or enter bars. However, possessing and using a counterfeit ID is a serious offense that can lead to legal repercussions.

Underage Drinking

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In many countries, consuming alcohol before reaching the legal drinking age is an offense, even if it’s done in private settings.

Unlicensed Streaming of TV Shows and Movies


Watching content on unlicensed streaming websites is equivalent to pirating. This action violates copyright laws and can have legal consequences.

Sharing Prescription Medication

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Even if it’s done with good intentions, sharing prescription drugs is illegal and can be dangerous. Medications are prescribed for specific individuals and conditions, and sharing them is a form of drug distribution.

Not Declaring Online Purchases on Customs Forms

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When traveling, failing to declare items bought online for personal use can be considered smuggling, as it evades import taxes and duties.

Using Wi-Fi Without Permission


Accessing someone’s unsecured Wi-Fi network without their permission is not only a breach of privacy but also illegal. It’s considered theft of services.

Recording Conversations Without Consent

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In many jurisdictions, recording conversations without all parties’ consent is illegal and violates privacy rights.

Turning Back the Clock on a Car’s Odometer

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This is a deceptive practice used to increase a vehicle’s resale value. It’s fraudulent and illegal in many regions.

Eating or Drinking While Driving


In some areas, consuming food or non-alcoholic beverages while driving is considered a distraction and is, therefore, illegal.

Not Wearing a Seatbelt

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This is one of the most commonly broken laws. Not wearing a seatbelt while driving or as a passenger in a car is illegal in many places and increases the risk of injury in accidents.

Riding a Bike on the Sidewalk


In many cities, riding bicycles on sidewalks is illegal as it poses a danger to pedestrians. Bikers are often required to use the road or designated bike lanes.