16 Things That Used To Be Cool Until We Got Older


The things we think are “cool” change over the years…or at least, they should!

Many of the things we did decades ago just aren’t cool anymore. In fact, I bet you’d cringe at many of these things today.

From trends that defined our youth to fads that faded away, get ready to nod in agreement, chuckle at the nostalgia, and perhaps even rediscover a bit of that youthful coolness that time can’t quite erase. Maybe. 🙂

Let’s go!

Out Late


As we age, the allure of late nights out tends to wane. The energy required for a night on the town becomes more taxing, and the recovery time often outweighs the fun. Younger selves might have thrived on the buzz of city nightlife, but older selves tend to appreciate quieter evenings.

Fast Food


In youth, fast food is quick, tasty, and convenient. However, our metabolism slows as we age, and health becomes a higher priority. The appeal of fast food diminishes as we become more conscious of nutritional value and the long-term effects on our health.

Following Trends Blindly

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Teenagers and young adults strongly desire to keep up with the latest trends. But as we age, comfort and personal style often precede trendy. We become more confident in our tastes and less influenced by fleeting fashions.

Overcrowded Clubs and Bars

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The excitement of crowded clubs and bars often fades with age. The noise, the crowds, and the general chaos that seemed exhilarating in our younger years became less appealing. Many find that they prefer more intimate settings for socializing.

Binge Watching TV Shows


As a teenager, we could watch television all day long on a potato chip-covered couch. The appeal of binge-watching TV shows often decreases as we age. With a growing awareness of the value of time, spending hours in front of the screen can feel like a waste. Instead, older adults often prefer engaging in more fulfilling or productive activities.

Excessive Drinking

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While partying and casual drinking are common in younger years, the appeal of excessive drinking usually diminishes with age. Health concerns, responsibilities, and a reduced capacity to recover quickly make heavy drinking less enticing.

Impulse Buying

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Impulse buying is thrilling when you’re young, but as you age, the excitement fades. The importance of financial planning and the desire to make meaningful purchases grow stronger, making impulse buys seem less satisfying and more imprudent.

Loud Music

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Loud music, especially in confined spaces like cars or small rooms, often loses its charm as we age. Hearing sensitivity can change; many prefer softer, more melodic tunes over blaring beats.

Risky Adventures

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In youth, risky adventures like extreme sports or spontaneous trips can be thrilling. However, as responsibilities and personal safety awareness grow, the desire for such risks often decreases. The preference shifts towards safer and more planned activities.

Neglecting Sleep

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Younger people often sacrifice sleep for socializing or work without much thought. As we age, the value of a good night’s sleep becomes increasingly apparent, and the willingness to forego sleep for other activities diminishes.

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While socializing is an essential aspect of life at any age, the need for constant social interaction tends to decrease with age. Many value quality time with close friends and family over frequent social outings.

Spending Hours on Appearance


In younger years, spending hours on appearance can be a norm. As we age, the appeal of spending extensive time on grooming or choosing outfits often decreases. Many find a more effortless style that’s both comfortable and appealing.

Keeping Up with Technology

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While staying current with technology is essential, the urge to have the latest gadgets or understand every new platform diminishes with age. The focus often shifts to functionality and ease of use rather than staying on the cutting edge.


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The desire to please everyone and overcommitting to social, work, or family engagements tends to decrease with age. With more life experience, there’s a better understanding of personal limits and the value of saying no.

Holding Grudges

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As we age, the energy required to hold grudges seems less worthwhile. There’s a greater tendency to let go of past grievances and focus on positive relationships and experiences.

Chasing Perfection

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In youth, there’s often a pursuit of perfection in various aspects of life. As we age, the realization that perfection is unattainable and accepting imperfections become more prevalent. The focus shifts to progress and contentment rather than an unachievable ideal.