16 Strange (But Lucrative!) Ways People Earn Extra Money


You will not believe some things people do to earn extra money. Have you Ever heard of a professional line stander? Yes, they exist.

But the thing is…these weird things actually work.

From quirky hobbies to niche talents, here are 16 weird but effective methods people use to earn extra money.

1. Professional Snuggling


Believe it or not, there’s a market for platonic human touch. Professional snugglers offer services to those needing companionship, but strictly within the boundaries of cuddling. Online platforms connect snugglers with clients, creating a unique way to monetize the universal need for human connection.

2. Renting Out Your Friendship


For those who excel in conversation and companionship, renting out your friendship is a genuine way to make extra cash. Websites like RentAFriend connect people seeking companionship for events, outings, or even just a chat over coffee.

3. Virtual Fortune Telling


In the digital age, traditional fortune-tellers have gone online. Individuals with a flair for mysticism and a knack for reading tarot cards, interpreting dreams, or practicing astrology can offer services through various online platforms, providing virtual readings for clients worldwide.

4. Selling Your Hair


Long, healthy locks are in demand, and some people are capitalizing on this by selling their hair. Online marketplaces dedicated to hair sales connect sellers with buyers willing to pay top dollar for human hair, often used for wig-making or extensions.

5. Dog Poop Cleanup Services


For those unafraid to get their hands dirty, offering a dog poop cleanup service can be a surprisingly lucrative venture. Pet owners, particularly in urban areas, are willing to pay for the convenience of having someone else handle the less glamorous aspects of pet ownership.

6. Professional Line Standing


In cities with popular events and limited seating, individuals make money by standing in line for others. Whether for concert tickets, the latest tech release, or a popular restaurant opening, people are willing to pay a premium to avoid the hours spent waiting in line.

7. Mystery Shopping for Improbable Scenarios


Mystery shopping is a well-known way to make extra money, but some individuals take it to the next level by specializing in improbable scenarios. From pretending to be engaged couples shopping for engagement rings to posing as parents seeking to adopt, these mystery shoppers provide valuable feedback to businesses in unique situations.

8. Selling Your Poop


Believe it or not, your feces can be a hot commodity in the medical field. Some companies pay individuals for their stool samples, which are used for medical research and fecal microbiota transplants. It’s a strange but scientifically significant way to contribute to advancing medical knowledge.

9. Drone Racing Competitions


Drone racing has evolved from a niche hobby to a competitive sport with substantial prize money. Enthusiasts who excel in flying drones at high speeds through intricate courses can participate in organized racing events and even turn their passion into a profitable venture.

10. Human Billboard Advertising


If you don’t mind turning heads and wearing your advertising on your sleeve or anywhere else, becoming a human billboard can be a lucrative gig. Companies pay individuals to sport their logos or promotional messages in public spaces, turning everyday people into walking advertisements.

11. Selling Your Breast Milk


For breastfeeding mothers with an oversupply of milk, there’s a market for selling breast milk online. Mothers who produce more milk than their infants need can connect with individuals seeking human milk for various reasons, from feeding their infants to using it in alternative health practices.

12. Voiceover Work for Artificial Intelligence


As artificial intelligence advances, there’s a growing need for human voices to train and fine-tune speech recognition systems. Individuals with clear and articulate voices can find opportunities in voiceover work for AI, helping improve the accuracy and naturalness of virtual assistants and other AI applications.

13. Bug Bounty Hunting


For those with a knack for cybersecurity, bug bounty hunting offers a way to earn money by identifying and reporting security vulnerabilities in software. Tech companies and organizations often reward individuals who uncover and responsibly disclose bugs, contributing to improving digital security.

14. Professional Gaming Coaches


With the rise of esports, there’s a demand for skilled gamers to coach and mentor others. Professional gaming coaches offer their expertise to individuals looking to improve their skills in popular video games, creating a niche market for those with exceptional gaming abilities.

15. Selling Unusual Collectibles


If you have a collection of odd or rare items, there might be a market for them. From vintage cereal boxes to peculiar taxidermy, online marketplaces provide a platform for individuals to sell their unusual collectibles to enthusiasts who appreciate the quirky and unique.

16. Virtual Real Estate Trading


In the digital realm, virtual real estate is becoming a valuable commodity. Some individuals make money by buying and selling virtual land within online games or virtual worlds. As these digital spaces gain popularity, the demand for virtual properties grows, creating a unique opportunity for entrepreneurial gamers.