18 $100,000 A Year Jobs That Don’t Require A College Degree


Want to work a 6-figure job? Believe it or not, you don’t need a college degree to work many $100,000/year jobs.

Contrary to popular belief, numerous lucrative career options offer an annual salary of $100,000 or more without formal education requirements. Let’s explore some of these rewarding opportunities across various industries.

Air Traffic Controller


Air traffic controllers play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and efficient movement of air traffic. With specialized training and certification programs, individuals can enter this high-demand profession and earn a six-figure income.

Commercial Pilot

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For those with a passion for aviation, becoming a commercial pilot is a viable option. While formal education is not a prerequisite, aspiring pilots must undergo flight training and accumulate the required flight hours to obtain the necessary licenses.

Construction Manager

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Construction managers oversee construction projects, ensuring they are completed on time and within budget. Relevant work experience and strong leadership skills are valued in this field, making it accessible to individuals without a college degree.


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Skilled electricians are in constant demand for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Apprenticeship programs and vocational training can provide the necessary skills to pursue a well-paying career as an electrician.

Elevator Installer and Repairer

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Elevator installers and repairers ensure the safe and efficient operation of elevators and escalators. Specialized training and on-the-job experience are key to entering this field and securing a lucrative income.

Executive Assistant

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Executive assistants provide administrative support to high-level executives. While a college degree may be preferred, relevant experience and strong organizational skills can often outweigh formal education requirements in this role.



Firefighters play a vital role in protecting communities from emergencies. Fire academies and training programs offer the necessary skills for this heroic profession, with the potential for a six-figure income.

Police Officer


Police officers safeguard communities and enforce the law. Police academies provide the essential training, and while a college degree may enhance career prospects, it is not always a strict requirement for entry.


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Skilled plumbers are essential for maintaining and installing plumbing systems. Apprenticeship programs and vocational training can lead to a successful plumbing career without needing a college degree.

Power Plant Operator

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Power plant operators manage and maintain the machinery in power generation facilities. On-the-job training and specialized courses can lead to a well-compensated career in this field.

Real Estate Broker


Real estate brokers facilitate property transactions and earn commissions on sales. While licensing requirements vary by state, a college degree is not universally necessary to pursue a lucrative career in real estate.

Sales Representative

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Sales representatives play a vital role in promoting and selling products or services. Strong communication and negotiation skills, coupled with relevant experience, can lead to high-paying sales positions without a college degree.

Software Developer


Software developers are in high demand in the rapidly evolving tech industry. Coding boot camps and self-directed learning can equip individuals with the skills needed to enter this field and secure a lucrative salary.

Transportation Manager


Transportation managers oversee the logistics of shipping and transportation. Relevant experience and strong organizational skills can often outweigh the need for a college degree in this dynamic and well-compensated profession.

Web Developer

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Web developers create and maintain websites, and the demand for their skills grows. Online courses and coding bootcamps offer accessible pathways for individuals to become web developers without a traditional college education.

Wind Turbine Technician


With the increasing focus on renewable energy, wind turbine technicians are in high demand. Specialized training programs and certifications provide the necessary skills to maintain and repair wind turbines, offering a promising career path.

Network Administrator


Network administrators manage and maintain computer networks. Certifications and practical experience in networking can lead to lucrative opportunities in this field without needing a college degree.

Commercial Diver


Commercial divers perform underwater tasks such as construction, inspection, and maintenance. Training through commercial diving schools and on-the-job experience can lead to a well-paying career beneath the waves.