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Growing Up Is Ironic: 18 Things We Hated as Kids But Enjoy Now


Isn’t it interesting how our preferences change as we get older? We like to believe they become more refined and precise, and in many ways, they really do. The things that used to make us cringe often turn into things we actually enjoy. It’s funny how that works out, isn’t it?

Here are 18 things people often start to enjoy more as they age.

Peace and Quiet

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In our youth, the buzz and hustle of life are exciting. But as we age, the value of quiet and solitude becomes more apparent. A peaceful moment with tea can be more satisfying than a night out.


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The beauty of nature often becomes more profound with age. Older adults tend to appreciate a garden’s serenity, birds’ sounds, or seeing a sunset more deeply.

The Simple Things


As we grow older, we often find joy in the simpler things—like the smell of freshly baked bread or the feeling of a soft blanket.

Our Family


Family relationships, especially with grandchildren, often become more cherished. The generational bond deepens, bringing a new level of enjoyment and fulfillment.


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The love for reading often intensifies with age. Reading becomes a treasured pastime, whether it’s novels, newspapers, or poetry.



Gardening becomes more enjoyable, offering a sense of accomplishment and a connection to the earth. Not to mention a little peace and quiet (usually!).

Cooking and Baking


As people get older, they often take more pleasure in cooking and baking, appreciating the process as much as the outcome.

Lifelong Learning


The thirst for knowledge often increases with age. Whether taking a class or learning a new skill, the desire to keep learning grows.

Art and Culture


Appreciation for art, music, theater, and culture often deepens. Many find themselves more drawn to museums, galleries, and concerts.

Health and Wellness

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Older adults usually place more emphasis on health and wellness, finding joy in activities that promote physical and mental well-being.



The value of long-standing friendships becomes more evident. Often built over decades, these relationships provide a deep sense of comfort and joy.

Home Improvement

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Taking care of and improving one’s living space becomes a source of pride and enjoyment. The older we get, the more we appreciate the space where we live.


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Travel is often more appreciated in later years, with a focus on cultural immersion and relaxation rather than adventure.



The companionship of pets, offering comfort and unconditional love, is often more deeply appreciated as people age.

Fine Dining


With a more refined palate, many older adults take greater pleasure in fine dining and exploring different cuisines.



Older adults often find joy in reflecting on past experiences, achievements, and lessons learned.


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Giving back to the community becomes more fulfilling, providing a sense of purpose and connection.



Finally, the art of relaxation is often perfected as we age. Wh