Don’t Want To Live Around Fleeing Californians? 12 States They Aren’t Moving To


In recent years, there has been a noticeable exodus from California as residents seek alternatives to the high cost of living, congested cities, and other challenges the state presents. If you’re one of those who prefer not to live around fleeing Californians, you might be wondering where they’re headed. Surprisingly, not all states are experiencing an influx of Californians. In this article, we’ll explore 12 states that haven’t become the go-to destinations for those seeking refuge from the Golden State.

1. Hawaii: Pacific Paradise, But Pricey Living


While Hawaii boasts stunning landscapes and a unique cultural experience, it hasn’t become a top choice for Californians looking for a more affordable lifestyle. The cost of living in Hawaii is notoriously high, with housing and daily expenses often surpassing California’s already steep prices.

2. Alaska: The Last Frontier, Not the First Choice


Despite its vast wilderness and breathtaking scenery, Alaska hasn’t seen a significant surge in Californian migrants. The extreme climate, limited job opportunities, and isolation deter those seeking a milder change.

3. North Dakota: Quiet and Cold


North Dakota, known for its serene landscapes and friendly communities, has not experienced an influx of Californians. The harsh winters and limited urban amenities may be factors in this subdued migration.

4. West Virginia: Scenic, but Not a Hotspot

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West Virginia’s picturesque mountains and charming small towns haven’t made it a top pick for Californians. Economic challenges and a lack of job opportunities might contribute to its lower appeal.

5. Mississippi: Southern Hospitality, But Few Takers

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Despite its warm climate and southern charm, Mississippi remains off the radar for many Californians. Issues such as education and healthcare may be influencing this migration pattern.

6. South Dakota: Underrated and Unfrequented


South Dakota’s natural beauty and low population density haven’t translated into a Californian influx. The state’s limited job market and harsh winters may deter potential migrants.

7. Arkansas: The Natural State, But Not a Magnet

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While Arkansas offers a slower pace of life and natural beauty, it hasn’t become a hotspot for Californians. Economic factors and a less dynamic job market might explain this trend.

8. Nebraska: Steady and Stable, but Not Californian Haven


Nebraska’s stable economy and friendly communities haven’t attracted Californians in large numbers. The lack of major urban centers and the perception of a more reserved lifestyle may be factors at play.

9. Kentucky: Bluegrass State, Not Golden State

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Kentucky’s rolling hills and rich cultural heritage haven’t positioned it as a top destination for Californian migrants. Economic factors and differing cultural landscapes could be influencing this trend.

10. Louisiana: Jazz, Creole, and Not Californians

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Louisiana hasn’t experienced a significant Californian migration despite its vibrant culture and unique lifestyle. Concerns about natural disasters and the overall economic climate may influence these decisions.

11. Vermont: Quaint, but Not a Californian Retreat

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Vermont’s charming villages and bucolic landscapes haven’t attracted many Californians. The state’s smaller economy and colder climate may be contributing factors.

12. Iowa: Heartland Living, Not Californian Overflow

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Iowa’s friendly communities and agricultural landscapes haven’t made it a hotspot for Californians seeking a change. The lack of major urban centers and a different cultural atmosphere may influence migration patterns.