It’s The Most Popular Spring Break Destination, And It’s Unsafe


If you’re already planning your spring break getaway this year, then you’re probably researching exciting destination spots like Cabo San Lucas, Las Vegas, Miami, Maui, or the Caribbean.

But according to a new report, the most popular spring break destination in 2024 is…New Orleans, Louisiana.

The study analyzed search data online and found New Orleans the clear leader, with over 900,000 searches between January and May of 2023.

In case you’re wondering, Cabo San Lucas was #5 on the list. Maui came in at #4, Las Vegas at #3, Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) at #2.

“Topping the list as the best spring break destination in the US is the Big Easy, known for beads, Bourbon Street, and the infamous Hurricane cocktail, which you’ll definitely want to try while you’re there!” the report said.

New Orleans isn’t just known as a popular spring break getaway. Its crime rate also tops the list. Out of all the destination spots in the study, it has the worst crime rate, especially at night.

In 2022, New Orleans had the highest murder rate in the United States, with homicides up a whopping 141% over just three years prior. Homicides dropped 27% last year, however.

According to the report, New Orleans is the least safe spring break destination spot at #1, followed by San Juan, Puerto Rico, Nassau in the Bahamas, Maui, and Montego Bay in Jamaica.

The five safest destination spots? Puerto Vallarta came in at #1, followed by Key West, San Diego, Sabo San Lucas, and Fort Lauderdale.